Queries and Reports

**NEW*** Video - How to Run a PS Query

User Responsibility

  1. Before seeking out a query, users should review their processes within PeopleSoft to determine if there is a need for a query. 
  2. In the event a user concludes a query is required, they will search for a suitable query using query viewer and the query/report repository metaLink.
  3. When a user cannot find a suitable query/report for their needs, they may contact a query developer for assistance (see included query developer list).
  4. SBCTC has created a number of listservs to support users in each pillar of PeopleSoft.  This is a great place to ask questions about useful queries.  

Query Developer Responsibility

  1. Query developer will clarify user needs and determine if a satisfactory query/report exists.
  2. If the query developer concludes no such satisfactory query/report exists, they will confer with the reporting lead to decide the best way to meet the user’s needs.  This could mean:
    1. Identifying a suitable query for modification.
    2. Creating a new query.
    3. Opening a ticket with State Board
    4. Establishing a delivery mechanism outside of PeopleSoft, supported by IT or Institutional Research.