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Clear your cache!

Use this document for instruction on how to clear your cache for all browser or phones

Clear Your Cache

Multiple Sign in Attempts 

All user accounts will be locked out for 30 minutes after 5 attempts to log in with an incorrect password in a 10 minute period.  If you have attempted 3 times in a 10-minute period and still cannot get in, you should reset your password. If you have already tried 5 or more attempts to login in wait 30 minutes before resetting your password. 

Popup blockers ON and OFF

How to turn pop up blockers on and off Chrome

How to turn pop up blockers on and off FireFox 

Oracle Software Web Browser Support Policy

Having technical issues?

Student - Tech Hub                Employees - IT Service Center
(360) 992- 2010                       (360) 992-2425

To submit a ticket through the IT help desk (you need to be on campus or VPN to access this link)