Student Resources

Clark student accounts Set Up for New Students

New Clark students need to set up two accounts before their accommodations can be active and as part of the DSS process. We recommend students trying to set these up before their intake appointment. Here is Clark's Tech Hub websites showing how students set these up:

How to set up your Clark Labs Account or reset the password: *Students need to set up their Student ID number first and then they can set up Clark Lab Account.

Setting up your Clark Student Email, forgot your password, or want to forward it to another email address:

Questions still? Contact the TechHub for assistance,  their contact information is on the following webpage, on the left side, near the bottom:

ctcLink support for Assistive Technology Users

For Assistive Tech Users; if you need technical accessibility support using ctcLink, for example screen-reader users,  please contact Zach Lattin at or call 360-992-2016. If you are trying to register or add or drop a class and running into accessibility issues, you can also contact DSS who can work with Enrollment to assist you.

Flexible Attendance & Deadlines Accommodation Information

Guidelines for Flexible Attendance and Deadlines Accommodation

Flexible Deadlines form (to be completed by instructor and student)

Flexible Attendance and Deadlines form (to be completed by instructor and student.)

*After a discussion and plan is agreed on, complete this form and email to or the student can complete it in their myDSS account.

Natural Reader, free software for any student! 

Often helpful for students with reading disabilities, ADD, ADHD, and auditory learners in their college reading and learning.  This tool can support your college learning, all you do is copy and paste the content and it's read aloud to you! You can adjust the voices and speed.

Notetaking Technology:


DSS can assign a license to students as a notetaker type accommodation, contact us if interested. Glean is a tool that helps students in capturing everything occuring in their live classes. Glean can audio record and produce an automated transcript of a live in person or virtual class.  It also provides support in your notetaking and allows you to go back to the recording to fill in your own notes! Check out GLEAN website if you are interested and let DSS know. 

Once DSS assigns you a license, here's helpful info when starting Glean:

Live Scribe Pen info:


Self-Care Resources

Supportive Resources we recommend every student check out!