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Clark College Emergency Grants

The Clark College Emergency Grant Application is for students who are experiencing a financial emergency or unanticipated expenses that have arisen during their enrollment at Clark College. The application contains questions to screen applicants for a variety of programs that administer emergency grant aid.

Facts to Know:

  • Funding is quite limited and is not guaranteed.
  • Awards typically range from $100-$1000.
  • Emergency Grants are for unexpected and emergent expenses, not tuition/fees/books, and are not meant as ongoing support.
  • Awards are subject to federal financial aid regulations, even if the student is not receiving traditional federal financial aid.
  • Some programs may require additional documentation. If needed, this will be requested via email.
  • If awarded, the grant will show in the student Financial Aid Award screen in ctcLink.
  • Grant awards cannot be distributed between terms. Awards will begin disbursement after the 10th day of each term.
  • Funds will be awarded using the established BankMobile disbursement preference, or, if you have not selected this, checks will be mailed to the student address in ctcLink.
  • Students are encouraged to apply for traditional funding, funding for tuition, fees, & books, and other supplemental funds by completing the following:
  • Personal Information

    Is your mailing address updated and accurate in ctclink?

    You must have an accurate mailing address in ctcLink BEFORE submitting this application.

    To review and update your mailing address,

    Once your mailing address is updated, return to this page and login to the application below.

    To complete an Emergency Grant application please begin by entering your username and password and click authenticate.

    (Username used to login to Clark WiFi and Labs)
    (Pasword used to login to Clark WiFi and Labs)

    Need to Set or Reset Your Clark Lab Account Password?

    For new students needing to set their Clark lab account password or students needing to reset their password/username.