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Student CARE Process


The Student CARE process exists to support students as they face a variety of barriers to their academic success and well-being. By collaborating with the reporter and through partnerships, the CARE team will create a plan that can include connecting students to an appropriate college department, communicating an institutional process, or identifying college and/or community resources for assistance.


Please contact us to discuss potential options.


Reporting Links

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  • where to start
  • resources 
  • process explained

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  • you received a notice/email
  • resources 
  • process explained


Are you unhappy with your experience at Clark College? Do you have a special circumstance that needs attention? This page describes several options for submitting appeals, raising concerns, filing complaints, and sharing feedback with the college.

Visit the complaints page for more information.

The CARE Team

The college has a CARE Team that may be convened in the CARE process for situations that call for a heightened level of coordination and response. The core membership of this team consists of: Assistant Director of Student Care and Conduct, Dean of Student Engagement, Student Engagement & Community Standards Manager, Counseling, Safety & Security, Disability Services, and Instructional leadership. There may be times where additional campus officials might be involved. The team meets biweekly and the information shared within this group is considered private. The purpose of sharing CARE reports is to determine how best to coordinate appropriate support to the student. Additional information may be made available by CARE team members’ respective offices.

CARE team members are trained in using the NaBITA (National Behavioral Intervention Team Association) tools. For more information, please visit