Applying to the Nursing Program

Nursing Program application is now based on holistic admissions. This means students applying to the nursing program will be evaluated on more than academic requirements. Students who meet the minimum academic requirements will complete an assessment and consideration of non-academic attributes, achievements, and experiences which will provide information for making admissions decisions inclusively and holistically. We look forward to receiving your application!


Application Process

Step 1:  Apply to Clark College


Step 2:  Apply to the Nursing Program (Part 1) 

REQUIRED: Complete the application via NursingCAS (click here) and pay the $60 program application fee. Note: NursingCAS has a fee waiver (while funds are available).

Currently enrolled courses will be counted toward your application on a conditional basis. Final updated transcripts must be submitted by the deadline.

REQUIRED: Official college transcripts from ALL colleges attended, including Clark, need to be sent to NursingCAS. Selective Admissions cannot ensure inclusion in the selection process unless all official transcripts are on file by the posted deadline. 


Step 3:  Complete NursingProgram Application (Part 2) 

Applicants who meet the GPA requirements and have completed the required coursework will be invited to the final part of the application process. This will be an assessment in Kira Talent, which will be an opportunity for you to share who you are, your work, and life experiences that have led you to consider nursing as a career and, apply to this program. The prompts will help us assess and holistically apply the selection criteria considering individual attributes and experience while decreasing bias as much as possible. Upon receipt of the invitation to complete the Kira assessment, applications will have 1 week to access the Kira platform and complete the prompts. The assessment must be completed all at once. There will be no re-doing of any element and applications cannot return to the platform if they leave part way through. Once the Kira Assessment is completed, your application is complete, and you will be considered for selection into the nursing program.

IMPORTANT: It is expected that all information submitted to Kira is the applicant's own work and response. Applicants are not allowed to share what the prompts are with other current or future applicants. Any applicant found to have breached the integrity of the assessment will be dismissed from selection or the program and not be allowed to reapply. 


Application Deadlines

Applications Steps 1 & 2 and related materials must be completed by 11:59pm on the deadlines below.  Step 3 must be completed within 7 days of receiving the invitation to the Kira Assessment.

NOTE: In the case of an incomplete grade in a course or grade change on a transcript, it is the applicant’s responsibility to update their records and provide up-to-date information in NursingCAS.


For questions and assistance, regarding the application process, please contact Advising Services at:  or schedule an appointment.

For questions about transcripts and course equivalency, please contact Credentials Evaluation at:

For requests for NursingCAS tokens, questions or concerns related to Kira Assessment, or other questions, please contact the Nursing Department at: