540.000 - Grievances of Policies and Procedures in the 500 Section

The College shall establish a procedure for individuals or groups to submit a grievance concerning policies and procedures in the 500 section of this manual. The Board delegates to the president or designee the responsibility to develop and implement appropriate procedures.


Faculty, staff and students may appeal a facility-related decision under a brief adjudicative proceeding to the vice president of administrative services. This section applies only if a specific appeal procedure has not otherwise been provided (e.g., traffic and parking violations at Administrative Procedure 530.010 ENFORCEMENT, Chapter 132N-156 WAC; or student conduct code sanctions under Chapter 132N-120 WAC).

The grievance must be in writing, clearly stating the facts and matters which support the appellant's claim, and submitted to the vice president of administrative services within 20 days from the date on which the appellant was notified of the facilities use decision.

If the grievance is not resolved satisfactorily within ten days of the request, the matter may be appealed in writing to the president.

The president's decision shall be final.