501.000 - Rental of College Facilities

The College is committed to provide quality educational and cultural services to the people of the College district. On this basis, College facilities are made available of use by organizations conducting educational, cultural, civic or community activities. College related activities of public educational, cultural or community service nature shall be given first priority consideration or the use of College facilities. As allowable under state law, exemptions to the rental fee may be authorized by the president or designee.

The College reserves the right to deny an application by any group, organization or individual which discriminates in their membership or limits participation in a manner inconsistent with the College’s non-discrimination policy.

Religious worship, exercise, or instruction may not be sponsored, supported, or endorsed by Clark College.  College facilities may not be used in ways which interfere with the College’s teaching, research, public service or support programs or interfere with the flow of pedestrian or vehicular traffic.

College facilities may be used for activities of a commercial nature or by commercial firms proved that the activity does not conflict with College functions and that charges are leveled reflecting the full cost of the facility usage.

The College reserves the right to deny any application or to revoke any permit at any time if actions resulting from such application or permission constitute unlawful activity; or, if in the judgment of the administration, present imminent danger of unlawful activity; or if a perspective user has previously violated the provisions or rules and regulations of the College; or if activities which in the judgment of the president or designee conflict with, directly compete with, or are incompatible with the programs or mission of the College.


Reservations and financial negotiations for use of College facilities on the main campus, Clark College at WSU Vancouver, and Clark College at Town Plaza are made through the Event Services Office and are not final until approved by that office. Reservations for space operated by Corporate and Continuing Education (CCE) at the Columbia Tech Center must be made through CCE. CCE’s spaces include: Conference Room A, Conference Rooms B & C, Full Conference Room (A, B & C), Kitchen Classroom, Natural Light Art Classroom, Smart Conference Room 335, Computer Lab 339, Smart Classroom 337, Smart Classroom 338, Smart Classroom 340, and Smart Room 338 & 340. Reservations for all other space at the Columbia Tech Center must be made through Events Services.

Event requestors will receive a final estimate of all billable charges one week prior to the event. Changes that occur after that will be reflected in the final bill. A bill for all costs associated with an event will be sent to the requestor within 30 business days of the event.

The Events Services Office, and Administrative Services (in the case of long-term facility use) are the only offices/departments of the College that are authorized to rent or otherwise make available to outside groups/individuals any College space.

All groups using College facilities must identify one person or representative who is legally responsible for damages or losses suffered by, or claims, demands, or actions brought against, the college as a result of using College equipment and/or facilities. This representative must report any damage or claims to the Events Services Office.

Permission to use College facilities is with the express understanding and condition that the individual or organization assumes full responsibility for any loss, damage, or claims resulting from such use and agrees to hold harmless and indemnify the College against any loss or damage claim arising out of such use.

Faculty or staff members requesting use of facilities by a non-campus group or organization of which they are members and/or active supporters are responsible for the supervision of meetings or events sponsored by that group or organization.

The user is responsible for leaving the facilities in the condition in which they were found, including the removal of any special decorations or materials. No open flame or tape is permitted per Administrative Procedure 510.020 BUILDING OCCUPANCY AND USE and 510.007 SIGNS WITHIN BUILDINGS. Failure to leave facilities in the condition in which they were found will result in an additional charge for repair of damage and for custodial services by the College.

An authorized representative of the College must be on duty when facilities are being used by any outside organization and must report any damage to facilities to the Events Services Office.

Further information about facilities policy and regulation is printed on the back of the Application and Permit for Use of College Facilities. Information pertaining to limitations regarding the sale and consumption of alcohol, possession of firearms, sales, and noise is available at the Events Services Office. Questions regarding these regulations may be directed to that office.


  1. Audio-Visual Presentation Equipment - Standard A-V equipment is available in many meeting facilities. Requests for additional or special equipment or services may be made at the time of application. The cost of such equipment or services will be added to the rental fee. College employees who have received training on the use of standard podium-mounted A-V equipment may request a podium key and may use the equipment without additional IT/Media assistance. Users who are not College employees or who have not received training on the use of podium-mounted AV equipment will require the assistance of a media technician. Fees for technical assistance, if applicable, will be charged at the rates published in the Events Rate Sheet, under Administrative Services>Events Services on the ClarkNet site.

  2. Technical Services - A user may request special sound and/or lighting services at the time of application.  The cost for such service will be paid by the applicant.

  3. Setup Service - A user may request a room setup that is other than the standard setup for the room. The charge for personnel costs related to special setups will be added to the rental fee.

  4. Security Service - The College may require additional security at its discretion.

  5. Food Service – The use of any food service must be cleared through the Events Services Office. Food service by the College’s Culinary Arts Department may be available but is used primarily for College-sponsored events. Kitchen facilities are not available for rent.

  6. Utility Service - Heating and air conditioning, water, lighting, etc., are provided with some variation from space to space (some spaces are heated but not cooled, etc.). The Events Services Office will communicate utility needs to Facilities Services. Use of facilities outside normal College hours will incur additional utility charges. For Facilities Services, standard College hours are 7:00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m., Monday – Friday, and 8:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m. on Saturdays at the O’Connell Sports Center, Gaiser Hall, Penguin Union Building, and Hanna/Hawkins Hall.

User Classifications

  1. Basic College - An activity of a state-funded department germane to the central mission of the College.  These are not fundraising activities or "Other-Funded" departments supported by fees or other charges.  Basic Events receive first priority.

  2. College Non-Basic - An activity or event sponsored by a College department or program that provides a documentable, direct and identifiable benefit to the college but is not on the approved list of Basic Events and thus is subject to direct costs for specific services. College Non-Basic Events receive second priority.

  3. Public Service - Governmental or public nonprofit organizations have third priority in facilities allocation/rental behind the College Non-Basic events. Charitable events sponsored by the community are included in this category. Fees may be waived for events affiliated with the State Board of Community and Technical Colleges (SBCTC) and for government agencies performing an essential function of government (see Administrative Procedure 501.005 FACILITIES CHARGES). Public Service events receive third priority.

  4. Commercial/Private - Other organizations and individuals not qualifying as College-sponsored or public service entities receive fourth priority.

User Responsibilities

  1. Damages - The user of the facility assumes full responsibility and will be liable for any loss, damage, or claims which arise out of the use of the facility.

  2. Smoking - Smoking or the use of other tobacco products is not permitted within the perimeter of any ClarkCollege property.

  3. Decorations - The use of decorations or application of materials to walls, ceilings, or floors is severely restricted and must be cleared in advance with the Events Services Office. No tape may be used to attach objects to windows or doors, as per Administrative Policy 510.007 SIGNS WITHIN BUILDINGS.

  4. Publicity - Users publicizing an event must state who is sponsoring the event and include the location, time, and date of event. Publicity for non-College events cannot be structured to imply College sponsorship or endorsement of the event. Advertising at the College may be placed only on designated bulletin boards and may remain posted for a maximum of 14 days.

  5. Alcohol Consumption – Consumption of alcoholic beverages on College-owned or College-operated facilities is expressly prohibited unless approved by the president or designee.

    All groups qualifying for use of alcoholic beverages must adhere to the rules and regulations set forth by the Washington State Liquor Control Board and the Clark College Board of Trustees.

  6. Parking - Parking is permitted on the campus except in those areas otherwise posted or marked.  General parking is open and cannot be reserved for an event.

  7. Limitation on Room Use - Facilities used will be limited to those specified on the application plus designated restroom facilities.

  8. Insurance - When an event in or on College facilities or grounds involves physical activity, or otherwise increases the risk of bodily injury above the level inherent in the facility to be used, the College may require users to furnish proof of liability insurance naming the College as an additional insured, with limits of not less than one million dollars per occurrence, prior to approval for the requested use.


Summary of Charge Basis

Type of Charge/Service  Basic
Service User
and Private User
Space Rental   No Charge  No Charge  One-Half
Full Charge
Non-Standard Setup
Charge and Special
Custodial Services  
No Charge  Charged
To User
To User
To User
Standard and   
Scheduled Utilities 
  No Charge  No Charge  Included
In Rent
Off Schedule,   
Extraordinary Utilities
No Charge  Charged
To User
To User
To User
Basic Security, AV
Equipment In Area 
No Charge    No Charge
To User
To User
Special AV Equipment,
Extra Security, Extra 
Technical Services, 
Food Services
No Charge  Charged
To User
To User
To User

Rental Charges

Rental charges will be updated annually and published in the Events Rate Sheet available at Administrative Services>Events Services on the ClarkNet site. Public Service or Commercial/Private Service users may obtain rental rate information by contacting the Events Office at 992-2713.

The Executive Cabinet will approve a list of Basic College events annually in June. The College will cover all costs (rent, facilities, media, IT, and security) for Basic Events within the parameters identified; additional services outside this scope will be the responsibility of the user. College Non-Basic event users will not be charged rent but could be subject to other charges depending on the specific needs of the request.

Rental and/or use of the O'Connell Sport Center by outside groups is limited and is available only at the discretion of College officials.

The use of contracts is required when booking space with the exception of on-college requests that are room/space only and do not require media or facility services.

Service Charges

Room Set Up:  In addition to the rental charge, there may also be a setup charge if an area is to be set up differently than the standard setup area. This setup charge is for labor and will be incurred as follows:

Basic College User (Only)

No setup charge to the user. Any setup charges incurred will be charged to a special budget established for this purpose.

College Non-Basic Users

Charges will be assessed for non-standard or customized set ups.

Public Service and Commercial Private Users

Charges will be assessed for non-standard or customized set ups.  In addition, only Public Service and Commercial Private Users will be charged a rental fee.

The cost of standard utilities specific to an area is included in the basic rent charge. The necessary funds transfer will be negotiated each year between the Events Services Office and Facilities Services.

Utilities: Utilities used outside standard College hours will be charged as follows:

Building Start-Up  $20 Per 1000 Square Feet - One Time

The cost of starting up HVAC equipment and changing the temperature from unoccupied state to normal comfort range.

Note - This fee can be waived if usage occurs within a two-hour to three-hour period of a previous use, and the building is already close to a normal temperature.

Hourly Utility Use  $2 Per 1000 Square Feet - Per Hour

The hourly utility cost for maintaining ventilation, temperature, and lighting in the space.

Note - This fee will be assessed when a usage occurs outside normal College hours.

The cost of these utility needs will also be added to the computed rent charges. Please note that standard College hours for utilities operation are Monday through Friday 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m., and Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. for the O’Connell Sports Center, Gaiser Hall, the Penguin Union Building, and Hanna/Hawkins Hall. 

An energy surcharge may be added to the utility charge to offset the cost of energy rate increases.

Other Services: Charges for security services, special custodial services, audio-visual equipment, and media services will ordinarily be handled in a similar manner as setup charges for College Non-Basic Users, Public Service, and Commercial/Private Users. Only off-college users are subject to rental fees.

Fee Waiver

The college, at its discretion, may waive event fees for local, state and federal agencies performing an “essential purpose” of government.

During the annual budget development process the College will allocate excess revenue (if available) to cover the costs of hosting government agency events. The allocation will be based on the number of events approved by Executive Cabinet each year. A list of events will be submitted to Cabinet by a sub-committee consisting of: 

  • Office of the President (to be assigned by the President)
  • Vice President of Administrative Services (or designee)
  • Vice President of Instruction (or designee)
  • Vice President of Student Affairs (or designee)
  • Associate Vice President of Planning and Effectiveness (or designee)
  • Executive Director of Communications and Marketing (or designee)
  • Executive Director of Corporate and Continuing Education (or designee)
  • Special Projects and Activities Manager
  • Director of Facilities Services

The sub-committee will review requests from local, state and federal government agencies using the college’s official event request form.

General guidelines the sub-committee will use when reviewing requests include:

    1. The “essential purpose of government” that will be performed by the agency submitting the request.

    2. How frequently the agency has used College facilities (rule of thumb will be one event every two years).

    3. If the agency has a reciprocal, “quid pro quo” relationship with the College (i.e., the agency provides support to the College at little or no cost).

    4. Availability of sufficient excess revenue to cover the cost of hosting the event.

    5. Does the event have a direct and beneficial impact on the College and its mission?

The College reserves the right to add or remove events on the list at any time during the academic year.

Revised Policy/Procedure Approved by Executive Cabinet
June 8, 2010
September 28, 2010
October 23, 2012


The College, at its discretion, has the right to cancel and terminate a contract or revoke any permit for facilities use, immediately and without notice, upon its discovery of a violation of any term, condition, or provision listed within College procedures. Individuals in violation will be advised of the specific nature of the violation. If they persist in the violation, they will be requested to leave College property. Failure to comply with the request to leave may subject such individuals to arrest under provisions of the criminal trespass statute or other applicable laws and other civil sanctions.