Grade Change/Academic Appeal Policy

An academic appeal refers to a claim by a student that a specific grade assigned to the student by an instructor is the result of arbitrary or capricious application of otherwise valid standards of academic evaluation or to a student's claim that the instructor has made an arbitrary or capricious decision or taken an arbitrary or capricious action which adversely affects the student's academic standing.

The student must file a written complaint with 90 calendar days after termination of the course. The appropriate instructional dean or supervisor may suspend this rule only under exceptional circumstances, such as extended illness, sabbatical leave, or absence of one or both parties involved in the complaint. Grade appeal process forms are available online or through the instructional dean's offices or the Office of Instruction.

Students having complaints relative to academic performance evaluation should follow the steps below:

Step One

The student should complete a grade appeal process form and discuss the complaint with the instructor. If the complaint is not resolved, proceed to Step 2.

Step Two

The student should speak to the appropriate division chair. The division chair must notify the student within 15 working days of the resolution after the meeting with the student. If the student is not satisfied with the resolution, the student should proceed to Step 3.

Step Three

The student will provide a written statement describing the nature of the appeal to the instructional dean or supervisor. A meeting will then be scheduled with the student, the instructional dean or supervisor, and the instructor to discuss the appeal. The instructor will receive a copy of the student's written material prior to the meeting. A decision by the dean or supervisor will be made within 15 days of the meeting. The decision of resolution of the dean or supervisor will be final and cannot be appealed further.