Past Faculty Speakers

Since 2008, the Teaching and Learning Center has proudly presented the Clark College Faculty Speaker Series

John Mitchell, Mathematics, Spring 2017

Clark Faculty Panel Discussion, Fall 2016

Economics instructor Patricia Atkinson, political science professor Michael Ceriello, women’s studies professor Kushlani de Soyza, and sociology professor Dr. Don Ludwig discuss increasing  income disparity, the shrinking middle class, and the lack of opportunity for many Americans. Professor Dave Kosloski, Communications Studies, moderates.

Dr. Robert Close, Physics, Spring 2016

Dave Kosloski, Communication Studies, Winter 2016

Lucia Worthington, Business, Fall 2015


Clark Faculty Panel Discussion, Spring 2015

Clark College faculty members from the Economics and Sociology departments participate in a discussion on Capital in the Twenty-First Century by Thomas Piketty. Economics instructor Patricia Atkinson moderates a panel comprising Professor John Fite, Dr. Carlos Castro, and Dr. Shon Kraley.


Elizabeth Ubiergo, Spanish, Spring 2015


Dr. Mika Maruyama, Psychology, Winter 2015


Dr. Roberto Anitori, Biology, Fall 2014


Carlos Castro, Sociology, Spring 2014


Debra Jenkins, Psychology, ECE, FLPC, Winter 2014


Erika Nava, Spanish, Fall 2013 


Heather McAfee, Geography, Spring 2013


Dr. Rob Schubert, Anthropology, Winter 2013


Dwight Hughes, Network Technology, Fall 2012


Dr. Marina Frost, Mathematics, Spring 2012


Mike Godson, Automotive Technology, Winter 2012


Dr. Kathy Bobula, Psychology & Early Childhood Education, Spring 2011


James M. Craven/Omahkohkiaaiipooyii, Economics, Winter 2011


Dr. Charlene Montierth, Geology, Fall 2010


Gail Robinson, English, Spring 2010


Sally Tomlinson, Art, Fall 2009


Dick Shamrell, Physics, Spring 2009


Laurie Brown, Nursing, Winter 2009


Christina Kopinski, Journalism, Fall 2008


Kathleen Perillo, Biology, Spring 2008


Joe Pitkin, English, Winter 2008