The Information Technology Services (ITS) department at Clark College provides equipment, infrastructure, and client support to ensure that we offer students a connected, technology-driven, educational experience.

This page provides a basic overview of technology on campus for instructors and information about how to receive more details and/or assistance. There are many links in this page which will take you to other resources. Explore these links for more in-depth assistance and information.


Office 365 is an integrated suite of applications and services designed to help you work efficiently and effectively from anywhere. Clark College’s Enterprise license includes applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and many more. These are updated monthly with the latest features and security requirements. Clark’s licensing also allows you to download the Microsoft Office Suite onto 5 personal devices.

In addition, Office 365 includes Outlook and Calendar to ensure that you have anytime access to your email and schedule. You can collaborate in Microsoft Teams – the new hub for teamwork – where you can chat, organize meetings, and share files.

Save files to OneDrive for Business which has one terabyte of online storage, allowing for easy access to all of your files, photos, music, and teaching resources, across devices and on the go.

How do I Access Office 365?

Office 365 is accessible on all of your devices with your Clark College email and password.


Each department requests email accounts for their new faculty from IT Services. Once you receive your email and login details from the department, you can access your email online or on your college-issued computer.

Adjunct faculty accounts are only authorized for one year at a time. These accounts expire at the end of each academic year (on June 30). Accounts are renewed for another year once ITS receives annual confirmation from each department confirming who will be teaching summer classes or returning in the fall quarter.

Signing in to Office 365 

To access online Microsoft Office tools, Outlook email, and your OneDrive for Business cloud-based file storage you need to sign in to your Office 365 (Office) account:

Type office.com into the address bar of your internet browser. The web site will display a Sign-in request. Sign in with your Clark email address and password. Preferred browsers include Microsoft Edge, Chrome, and Firefox.

Two-factor Authentication

We use two-factor authentication for connection to the College’s secure network. The first time you login to your campus account, or sign in to office.com, you will be prompted to set up a secondary contact process to ensure that you are an authorized user. Two-factor authentication is a way for the system to confirm that you are an authorized user by sending a code to your cell phone (text or voice) or your land line (voice).

You can also install the Outlook App on your smart phone (apple and android) and check your email and calendar from the app.

Changing Your Password

You can change your password anytime on office.com.

  1. Log into Office.com with your Clark email address and password.
  2. Click the Settings button in the upper right corner.
  3. Click Office365, then Security & Privacy and then Password.
  4. Use a strong password with a minimum of 8 characters, at least one upper and lower case letter, and a number or symbol.

Saving your data

If you use a shared computer in a common computer room, do not save data to the hard drive. These machines are configured to revert to a “clean” state after every shut down, in order to ensure that any viruses or non-compliant software does not corrupt the basic computer software. Data saved on these computers may also be over-written when reverting to the “clean” state.

The best place to save your data is your OneDrive for Business account. If you have questions about OneDrive you can find training videos on ClarkNet. Click on IT Help, then IT Training, then OneDrive for Business. Or call the IT Service Center at 360-992-2425 for assistance.

Computers on Campus


Computers for your Personal Use

Many departments maintain a computer room for adjunct faculty so they can:

  • Check Email
  • Access the Internet
  • Use Microsoft Office tools

If you do not know the location of the adjunct faculty computer room contact your department.

Smart Classrooms

Technology is a crucial asset for 21st century instruction. Clark College’s ITS department supports the college’s overall goal of facilitating student learning by providing technology resources and equipment to enhance intellectual growth that relies on scholarship, discovery, application, creativity, and critical thinking.

If you have not taken the Smart Classroom training, we strongly encourage you to complete the online training so you will be familiar with the Smart Classroom equipment.

You can access the training on ClarkNet.clark.edu > Departments > IT Services > ITS Training > Smart Classroom Training. Double click on the file called “Smart Classroom Training” (or sinlge click on the blue file name) t o open the video. You must be logged in to access this training.

From time-to-time there are opportunities to receive hands-on assistance with the smart classroom podium and the equipment contained in it. If you would like to receive hands-on training, please contact the Help Desk for dates, or to set up an appointment.

Lab Support for Students

Computer labs are located in many buildings on campus and some are specialized to the departments that use those buildings. For a full list of student computer resources, go to the FAQ page on clark.edu:

Computing Resources - Frequently Asked Questions

In the drop-down lists on these pages, you can see the hours of the labs along with the kinds of machines in each lab and the software that is typically available in every lab.

Instructional Labs are available in some campus buildings. If you need to book a lab to teach a class, or to provide specific instruction on a one-off basis, contact your department to discuss your needs.

Many adjunct faculty members teach classes in computer labs in the evenings and on weekends. If you encounter difficulties with the equipment at any time, call the Help Desk. ITS offers limited after-hours support:

  • Mon – Thu, 8:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.
  • Fri, 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
  • Sat and Sun, CLOSED

College Computers Off Campus

You may borrow a college computer, monitor or other peripheral accessories to use off campus by filling out the IT Services Off Campus  Equipment Use Form.


To place a local (not long-distance) off-campus call from any college phone first dial 9 to access a local outside line, then dial the number you wish to reach. To place a long distance telephone call from a campus extension, you must use a Clark long distance code. Contact your department for a long distance code if you need to make long distance calls.

To reach 911 emergency services, dial 911 from any college extension or courtesy phone. Remain at the phone if possible. Campus Security can be reached at ext. 2133. If you make a 911 call, we recommend that you also call campus security if possible.


To facilitate telephone communications with college staff and students, you may request a voice mailbox that can be accessed both on and off campus. To request a telephone voice mailbox, ask your department to submit an IT Service Request. Once a voice mailbox has been assigned to you, instructions for using the voice mail system will be emailed to you.

To retrieve voicemail from off-campus:

  1. Dial 360-992-6150 followed by *
  2. Enter your ID (phone extension – last four digits) followed by #
  3. Enter your PIN followed by #

IT Services Help Requests


The ITS Service Center uses a ticketing system called Web Help Desk to receive, track, and monitor help requests from faculty and staff.

Web Help Desk

Web Help Desk has the following features:

  • You can submit an online request for ITS support
  • The system will provide you with a ticket number as a reference for your request
  • You will receive email updates when additional information is entered on the ticket
  • You can review the history of your requests submitted to ITS
  • All of the comments about this request can be found in one place
  • You have access to a knowledge base of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) to help you trouble-shoot problems on your own

To use Web Help Desk ticketing system, double-click on the “IT Help” icon on your Clark computer.

You can also connect to the Web Help Desk system on Clarknet, the College’s secure, web-based information, tools, policies, and resources location. You need to use your email and password to access this area.

On the main ClarkNet page (https://clarknet.clark.edu), click on “Submit an ITS Ticket Request” in the right-hand sidebar.

You can find additional information on the ITS Department’s ITS Service Center page (https://clarknet.clark.edu/it-services/helpdesk-info/index.php).

Wireless Network

The Clark College wireless network is available in most buildings at the college for students, staff, faculty, and adjunct faculty. Personal laptops, smart phones, and  other devices can login to the "Clark_Student" wireless network with the password blue sky.

Clark College laptops (with an IT tag) have access to the "Clark_Employee" wireless network. If this has not already been set up, you can request this access by contacting the ITS Service Center.

Wireless network access is also available at the satellite facilities: WSUV and CTC.

If you have questions about the wireless network call the ITS Service Center  at 360-992-2425.


Canvas is available once you have activated your ctcLink account.  You can access Canvas via ctcLink or login directly on Canvas using your ctcLink credentials.  All faculty will have access to the Academic Technology Resources course shell in Canvas with information and directions for using Canvas, its integrated tools and Zoom.  More information about the Canvas Learning Management System can be found at eLearning.

If you need technical assistance with Canvas, you can file a ticket by clicking Help and Report a Problem from any page where you are experiencing issues.  The Canvas ticket system will quickly connect you with the Canvas administrator/technical support team in Academic Technology, with communication via email. Canvas online and in-person instruction is offered through Instructional Design in the Teaching and Learning Center. Use the link to see current offerings or contact them at instdesign@clark.edu.

The Academic Technology  Center

The Academic Technology Center facilities and staff support the production of the following online deliverables for faculty, with subsequent file processing and 3Play Media captioning for issue-free delivery in Canvas:

  • Full lecture captures
  • Activity demonstrations
  • Guest speaker interview
  • Quality screencasts
  • Document camera
  • Direct-draw tablet
  • Audio recordings
  • Virtual meeting and conferencing

All faculty who are creating multimedia content for teaching in our Canvas LMS are welcome, just bring your ideas!

Contact the Academic Technology Staff to set up a meeting

For more information on any of the above options, log into the Academic Technology Canvas Shell.