Co-op/Internship Student Resources

Cooperative Education is an academic program that allows you to earn college credit for a work experience related to your major. It improves your ability to make the transition from school to work, following completion or near-completion of a degree or certificate program. Additionally, you are able to develop employability skills and professional connections that you can leverage in your job search process. Co-ops/Internships may be paid or non-paid positions with for-profit or non-profit organizations.

 Arranging Your Internship

  1. Arrange your internship position with an appropriate employer
    1. You may utilize the Clark College Career Center to do research to locate a company where you may be interested in doing a Co-op/Internship; another resource you can utilize in your search for an Internship is Clark College's online Job board Penguin Jobs
    2. You can speak with an instructor in the department of your major field of study
    3. You can get other ideas from Clark College’s Work-Based Learning Program Manager
  2. Meet with your work supervisor and discuss tentative learning objectives
  3. Meet with your instructor to discuss Co-op 199 requirements and deadlines, and to finalize learning objectives
  4. Register for Co-op 199 (your instructor will give you the code to use when registering)
  5. Review the Preparing for Your Internship Toolkit.

Necessary Forms

Students starting the Co-op process will need the following forms.

Penguin Jobs

Another resource you can utilize in your search for a Co-op/Internship job is Clark College's Job Database Penguin Jobs.

Getting your Co-op/Internship Approved

Once you have secured a Co-op/Internship, you need to see an instructor about signing up for the credits for the quarter (1-5 variable credits). If you don't know who the instructor is for your major, contact the Co-op office at 992-2391.

 Registering for a Co-op/Internship Seminar Class

You may be advised that you need to sign up for a co-op seminar class depending on your major and the ratio of credits to hours that you plan to work.

Helpful Information

International Co-op/Internship Positions

Students interested in pursuing options outside the US should check out IE3 Global Internships website.

Students who need more information or guidance, please call (360) 992-2902 to make an appointment with the  Work-Based Learning Program Manager