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Running Start


Running Start provides academically motivated students an opportunity to take college courses as part of their high school education. Students may take just one class per quarter, or take all of their courses on the Clark College campus, earning both high school and college credit for all completed courses.

Students in the program attend regular day or evening college classes. Running Start students are accepted as a regular college student by Clark College instructors, and are expected to complete the same coursework requirements as their college classmates.

How to contact us:

Our current estimated response time is two business days

Visit for more information about college operations at this time.

Request Information


Enrollment Services office on main campus
Gaiser Hall Room 128

Information Request Form

The video above is a recording of a Running Start Information Night in 2022. If you want access to links provided in the video, open the video in YouTube, they are listed in the description.

Why Running Start

The Running Start program allows high school juniors and seniors to earn college credits while completing their high school education - saving students money while advancing their education. Students are able to attend college, at minimal cost, while still living at home as a high school student.

Students are able to select courses that challenge them academically and provide real-world applications. Many students earn their associate’s degree and leave prepared to start a career or transfer to a four-year institution to pursue their bachelor’s degree.

Get Started

Apply to Clark College

Before you can qualify for the Running Start program, you will need to apply to Clark College.

Continuing Students

If you are....

  • a  graduating senior who wishes to continue taking classes at Clark after you graduate or
  • a current Running Start student who plans to take a class in summer term or
  • a current Running Start student taking over 15 credits for the term

Fill out a new Admissions application enrolling as a "Reapplying" student and indicate your program as Academic or Professional Technical.