Counseling and Health Groups, Meet-ups and Events

Groups and Meet-Ups

Monday Morning Meditation 

Every Monday of each quarter from 10:30AM-10:50AM, (excluding holidays). 
Facilitated by CHC staff on Zoom, open to all members of the college community (students, faculty, staff and alumni) 

The Monday Morning Meditation is a weekly drop-in time for the campus community to gather for a brief guided relaxation exercise. Simple mindfulness practices have been shown to decrease stress, improve immune function, and enhance focus. Come start your week with a few minutes of grounding and learn some new coping strategies to help navigate these hectic times. Contact Shayna ( with questions. 
Register here for Monday Morning Meditation.

Mindful Parenting During COVID Circle   

Monthly on Mondays from 12-1.  Spring Quarter dates: 4/12, 5/3, 6/7 
Facilitated by CHC staff on Zoom, open to all members of the college community (students, faculty, staff and alumni). 

Mindful Parenting During COVID is a monthly drop-in time for parents in the Clark community to support each other through the challenges of parenting during COVID.  Whether you need to vent, brainstorm ideas, or just talk to some other adult humans, we are here for you! There will be a mindfulness/parenting theme of the week presented by the hosts, and the opportunity to explore ways to care for yourself and others, the best you can. Contact Beth with questions. 
Register here for the Mindful Parenting During COVID Circle.   

Queer Support & Skills Group 

Tuesdays 2-3pm, starting April 20th  
Facilitated by Josiah Coulter and Dr. Bevyn Rowland 

A space for queer and questioning Clark College students to receive social support, learn coping skills, and explore diverse topics such as romantic relationships, coming out, dealing with discrimination, sexuality, gender identity and expression, and more. Both facilitators of the group are openly queer. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Josiah Coulter at
Register here for the Queer Support & Skills Group

ADHD Skills Group 

Wednesdays 2-3pm, starting April 21st 
Facilitated by CHC staff on Zoom, open to all Clark students with ADHD, or ADHD-like challenges 

Are you struggling with attention difficulty or ADHD? Would you like to learn skills to overcome everyday school and life challenges related to ADHD, and connect to other students facing similar issues? Then this group is for you! Contact Beth with questions
Register here for the ADHD Skills Group

Charlas de Salud Emocional  (Emotional Health Support Group- in Spanish)  

Facilitando por CHC en Zoom, para estudiantes que se identifiquen como Latina/o/x 

Las fechas y el horario del grupo se anunciarán próximamente

¿Se siente muy estresado, abrumado, triste o le cuesta concentrarse? ¿Está afectando la escuela, las amistades y el disfrute de la vida? En este grupo de apoyo en español, hablaremos sobre la salud emocional durante el covid y brindaremos herramientas para ayudar a manejar esos sentimientos intensos y aumentar la salud emocional. Si tiene preguntas, or para registrese, por favor envíe un email a Natalia:

Feeling a lot of stress, overwhelmed, sad, or finding it hard to concentrate? Are these impacting school, friendships and enjoyment of life? In this Spanish-language support group we will be talking about emotional health during COVID as well as providing tools to help manage those intense feelings and increase emotional health. Email Natalia with questions and to register:

Autism Spectrum Success Group 

Thursdays 12-1 pm, starting April 29
Facilitated by CHC staff on Zoom  

Do you identify as a student on the Autism Spectrum, including Asperger's Syndrome? Interested in making new social connections? Want to learn how to identify your strengths and challenges?  Join us for our exciting 6 week Autism Spectrum Success Group. Contact Shayna ( or register here for the Autism Spectrum Success Group. 

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