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World Languages Abroad

The World Languages Abroad Program at Clark College offers short study and travel abroad opportunities, as well as language and cultural experiences here in Vancouver for current students. 

Each year, a unique educational experience is offered in a destination such as Japan, Mexico, Spain, Uruguay and Perú, as well as other Spanish-speaking countries. Students with basic foreign language skills can enhance their language studies and earn credit by going abroad through the short-term program.

The 2018 ASCC-sponsored World Languages Abroad study tour destination will be to Argentina. This three-week trip will be offered between summer and fall term in the month of September. For more information, please contact Erika Nava.

For general information on international studies and other study abroad opportunities, please visit Clark College International Programs.


Professor Michiyo Okuhara Japanese 360-992-2455
Professor Erika Nava Spanish 360- 992-2172
Professor Elizabeth Ubiergo Spanish 360-992-2977
Professor Felipe Montoya Spanish  

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