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Auto-Enrollment Programs


You’re invited to try Clark College’s new auto-enrollment scheduling process—a quick, convenient way to schedule your classes  that takes the guesswork out of completing your degree on time!

With Auto-Enrollment, you’ll be automatically registered each quarter for the classes you need to complete your chosen program. You’ll know what classes you’re taking—and when!— well in advance, allowing you to plan the rest of your life to fit your school schedule. Best of all, you’ll have the security of knowing you're on track to complete your degree exactly as planned.

Because Auto-Enrollment is being offered to all eligible students in some of our most popular programs, you’ll have the benefit of taking classes with many of the same classmates over your whole time at Clark College. This gives you a great support system of study groups and friendships that can keep you on the path to success when school gets hard.

Many Auto-Enrollment programs allow you to choose a mix of classes offered at specific times, combined with fully online classes—giving you maximum flexibility to schedule your school life around the rest of your life.

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Full-time Online Options

If you are interested in completing your degree in a fully online format then we have three program options for you to choose from:

Online and Hybrid Classes

Unsure about taking your classes online, visit our eLearning page to learn more about how online and hybrid classes work at Clark College. Ask your enrollment navigator about other supports we offer including online tutoring and the computer loan program.