Late Start Classes Winter 2021

There’s still time to take a class and work toward your degree or certificate at Clark College. While most winter term classes began on January 4, 2021, we are excited to offer a selection of courses that start two weeks later in the term, on January 19. These courses use a compressed schedule to get you through the material quickly so you can still finish fall term on time, and they are for the same amount of credits as a standard 10-week course.

These are foundational courses that are required for many degree paths, so no matter what your educational goals, enrolling in one of these classes can help keep you moving toward your degree. 

To sign up for these Late Start classes, either log into your Clark College ctcLink account or, if you are not already a student, speak to someone in Enrollment Services. Contact information is at the bottom of this page.

All classes begin on Tuesday, January 19, 2021.

ASL& 121 - American Sign Language I

Introduction to American Sign Language emphasizing instruction and practice in expressive and receptive ASL skills. Focus on basic vocabulary, grammar, and cultural aspects of the deaf community. [SE, HA] (5 credits)

BIOL& 100 - Survey of Biology

Overview of basic concepts and issues in biology including the cellular basis of life, metabolism, principles of inheritance, evolution and diversity. Strong emphasis on the process of scientific inquiry using critical thinking and communication abilities. This course is intended for non-biology majors and fulfills the laboratory science requirements or as a recommended course for other biology courses. English writing skills are highly recommended. Required for psychology majors. [NS, SE] (5 credits)

BUS 149 - Computer Application Essentials

Fundamentals of common business applications: word processing, spreadsheet, presentation software, and file management. [GE] [PNP] (3 credits)

CMST& 210 - Interpersonal Communication

Person-to-person communication emphasizing theoretical principles and their application. How self-concept, perception, verbal and non-verbal attributes and attitudes influence communication within the family, between friends, and at work. [HR,OC,SE,HA] (5 credits)

College 101 College Essentials: Introduction to Clark

Introduction to Clark College for new students, focusing on making a successful transition to college life. Topics include goal setting, personal management skills, developing an academic plan, developing cultural competence and communication skills, financial literacy, and an introduction to student resources at the college. [GE,HR] [PNP] (2 credits)

ENGL& 102 - English Composition II

Prerequisite: ENGL& 101 (grade of "C" or higher) or eligibility for ENGL& 102

Studies in exposition and argumentation emphasizing the research paper and its conventions. Focus on developing genre awareness with respect to discipline-specific research, reading, composition, and documentation. Analysis and synthesis of discipline-appropriate texts in the context of supporting a focused position or recommendation on an issue in an area of study. [CA,CT,WC,SE]

GEOG 205 - Physical Geography

Foundation for the understanding of fundamental concepts and current ideas in physical geography. The systematic study of patterns and processes that have shaped the Earth's surface by understanding our natural environment, earth-sun-moon relationships, cartography, weather and climate, landforms, soils, oceans, and water and biotic resources. Survey continents, countries, natural resources as well as major physical features of our current global landscape. [NS,SE,SS] (5 credits) 

HLTH 124 - Healthcare Provider CPR And First Aid

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation and first aid and for health care providers as required by the Washington Occupation and Health Act. Designed specifically for health care providers. Upon successful completion of the course, students will receive Basic Life Support for the Healthcare Provider and First Aid Certifications from the American Heart Association. Students are required to purchase the required text and workbook (available at Clark College Bookstore) and bring to class. [PNP] (1 credit) 

HPE 258 - Fitness-Wellness

Exploration of the connection between fitness and health. Focusing on nutrition, stress, and developing a personalized health plan for lifelong physical activity. Participating in physical activity is required. Activities focus on improving flexibility, strength and cardiovascular fitness. [HPE, SE] (3 credits)


SOC&101 Introduction To Sociology

Introduces the sociological perspectives that explain human interaction, social institutions, and social change. Examines these social phenomena from a variety of sociological perspectives, including the functionalist, conflict, and symbolic-interactionist. [HR,SE,SS][PPI] (5 credits)



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