Withdrawal Policy

Students may withdraw from most classes through the eighth week of the quarter (fall, spring and winter terms).

For deadlines, see the Important Dates & Deadlines Calendar.

The withdrawal is effective on the date the Enrollment Services office receives the Registration Form from the student in person with photo ID - OR - the date the student withdraws from the class online.

You should not assume you will be dropped for non-attendance or non-payment.


Withdrawal Policies and Procedures for fall, spring and winter quarters

Late Withdrawal

Students unable to withdraw by the end of the eighth week of the quarter due to extenuating circumstances should contact the Enrollment Services Office at 360-992-2183 for information about alternate options.

Administrative Withdrawal

Under guidance of the Registrar, students who meet the circumstances as stated in the Procedure for Administrative Withdrawal Request may request a withdrawal. This process is not intended to be used for students who fail to meet the established withdrawal deadlines. Circumstances for consideration must be:

Students may contact the Enrollment Services Office at 360-992-2183 for more information about an Administrative Withdrawal.