Underage Admission

Clark College admits anyone who is at least 18 years of age, who is a graduate of an accredited high school or the equivalent, is a participant in Running Start, or participant in other approved programs designed for age-specific groups. Exception to this policy may be granted by the College for special consideration of underage individuals not participating in one of the above mentioned programs. Further information regarding special consideration can be found in the “Underage Admissions/Exceptions” section of the current College catalog.

To apply for an exception, the student must submit all required documentation prior to the quarterly admissions deadline.

This policy applies to all credit classes at Clark College, except Adult Basic Education and Continuing Education. Students age sixteen (16) and over who meet the provisions of "Title III-Adult Education programs" may enroll in certain basic education classes. Persons admitted into such classes (basic skills, academic support, or remedial) will be allowed to continue as long as they demonstrate, through measurable academic progress, an ability to benefit.

The Running Start program has its own set of admission policies and procedures.