EMPC members, 2013-14.

EMPC members include, left to right, front row: Marilyn Westlake, Joy Horning, Ethel Reeves, Susan Nieman, Jamie Kitchen. Back row: Chato Hazelbaker, Tim Petta, Phil Sheehan, Cindi Olson, Neil Fykerud, Jeff Miller, Bob Williamson. Not in photo: Randy Blakely, Amanda Brown, Mark Fennell, Kevin Kussman, Ken Pacheco. (2014)

Emergency Management Planning Committee (EMPC)

The Emergency Management Planning Committee (EMPC) is composed of representatives and technical experts who provide leadership for the College's emergency management and planning efforts. This hard-working committee meets monthly to help keep the college on its forward trajectory toward comprehensive emergency preparedness.

Most members are trained in the Incident Command System (ICS), which is the management program that will be implemented during an emergency incident. EMPC coordination and support is provided by the Risk Management Services unit of the Administrative Services Department.


EMPC members:

  • Mark Fennell, Director of Risk Management Services (chairperson)
  • Bob Williamson, VP Administrative Services (vice chairperson)
  • Cindi Olson, VP Students Affairs designee
  • Amanda Brown, VP Instruction designee
  • Chato Hazelbaker, Chief Communications Officer
  • Tim Petta, Director of Facilities Services
  • Ken Pacheco, Director of Security & Safety
  • Phil Sheehan, Director of Informational Technology Services
  • Marilyn Westlake, Emergency Manager
  • Jeff Miller, Environmental Health & Safety Manager
  • Susan Nieman, Nursing instructor
  • Ethel Reeves, Nursing instructor
  • Joy Horning, Social Sciences & Fine Arts
  • Neil Fykerud, Work First Programs Coordinator
  • Randy Blakely, Building Administrator - Columbia Tech Center and Clark College at WSU Vancouver campuses
  • Kevin Kussman, Associate Vice President, Corporate and Continuing Education
  • Jamie Kitchen, ASCC student representative (2013-14)