Clark College Strategic Plan


Clark College inspires learners to excel, transforms lives, and strengthens our increasingly diverse community. 


Clark College, in service to the community, guides individuals to achieve their educational and professional goals.


Academic Excellence

Facilitate student learning by providing the conditions for intellectual growth through scholarship, discovery, application, creativity, and critical thinking.

Social Equity

Facilitate student learning by providing the conditions that improve educational outcomes and eliminate systemic disparities among all groups.

View the college's Social Equity Plan

Economic Vitality

Facilitate student learning by providing programs, services, and conditions that improve the economic well-being of the students, college, and community.

Environmental Integrity

Facilitate student learning by providing the conditions that continually improve the college’s physical, virtual, and social environment.


Social Justice

Institutional commitment to produce equitable outcomes and challenge systems of power, privilege, and inequity.


Collaboration with individuals, organizations, and businesses to increase student success and improve the community.


Development and implementation of creative and agile strategies to enhance student learning and respond to market needs.


Effective and efficient stewardship of all college resources.

Continuous Improvement

Evaluation and enhancement of all college operations based on data-informed planning and resource allocation.

Shared Governance

Clear communication, inclusive consultation, and respectful consideration of multiple perspectives guide decision-making throughout the college.


Clark College 2015-2020 Strategic Plan in PDF format.

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