Special Teams

Who will you count on to know what to do if a disaster strikes? Clark College is fortunate to have several special teams focused on safety: Emergency Building Coordinators (EBCs); and Psychological First Aid (PFA). Beneficiaries of their work include everyone at the college.

Emergency Building Coordinators (EBCs)

The EBC team has learned the College's basic emergency protocols. They are outfitted with vests, emergency kits, and walkie-talkies at each building. EBCs are strategically located in every college building, including satellite sites. They can explain emergency protocols and deliver on-the-ground direction during an incident. 

Psychological First Aid (PFA)

Each team member has received training from a mental health consultant on psychological first aid as well as a number of them being licensed counselors in the State of Washington. Their skills would be useful in circumstances where there is a need for support from compassionate and caring mental health volunteers in the immediate aftermath of a disaster. Establishing human connections and providing practical short-term help to survivors can make a big difference in people's lives.

Collaboration and cooperation

Clark College is committed to creating and maintaining a safe learning environment for students, employees and guests. This is accomplished through deliberate planning and collaboration within the College community, and in close cooperation with local police, fire, emergency medical and public health agencies. Emergency preparedness requires broad-based involvement throughout the College Community.