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Clark College operating normally on February 27, 2019

Clark College is operating on a normal schedule on Wednesday, February 27. Offices are open and classes are running normally. Students should check both their student email and the Today's Cancellations and Delays page before coming to the college to be sure that their individual classes have not been canceled by their instructor.   

Clark College facilities at WSU Vancouver follow WSUV’s decisions and schedules about delays and closures. WSUV generally makes determinations about daytime closings by 6:30 a.m.  

Clark College serves students throughout Clark, Skamania and eastern Klickitat Counties.  Weather conditions may vary across the region. Decisions to delay or cancel classes are based on the weather situation at Clark facilities. 

However, if any Clark student or employee feels unsafe about driving to the college due to weather conditions, they should not drive.  Students are encouraged to contact their instructors and inform them of the situation; employees are encouraged to contact their supervisors.  

View Clark College's  Weather Delays and Cancellation Policy 

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Measles Information - February 21, 2019

Clark County is experiencing an outbreak of measles. While the college has not identified any confirmed cases on campus at this time, we want to prepare our community members in the most proactive manner possible, and let you know about the steps you can take to protect yourself, your loved ones, and the Clark College community.

As of today, the current number of confirmed cases in Clark County is reported to be 63. On January 25, Gov. Jay Inslee declared a state of emergency in all counties. 


Here are recommendations from the Clark County Department of Public Health: 

If measles is discovered at Clark College 

While there are still no confirmed cases at Clark College at this time, the outbreak’s spread does bring up the question of what would happen if a case was discovered here. 

If a case of measles was confirmed at a college location, Clark County Public Health could determine that any individual who was exposed and could not prove immunity would be excluded from the college for up to 21 days. (This process is called an “exclusion.”)  The college is working on details regarding how to keep students subject to an exclusion in class remotely (where appropriate) and how employees would report leave. However, the most effective way to prevent being part of an exclusion is to proactively find your record of immunity and, if you do not have immunity, to get vaccinated as soon as possible. (See Recommendations section above for more information.) 

If you are exposed to measles outside of Clark College 

Any individual who has been notified that they are part of a measles-exposure exclusion and who does not have documented proof of immunity to measles should consult with their health care provider for guidance. Students who do not have a health care provider may contact the college’s Counseling and Health Center. 

If a measles-exposure exclusion prevents someone from visiting Clark College locations, they should alert their instructor and/or supervisor. The college is examining options to allow excluded individuals to continue their studies and/or employment during an exclusion. 

How to stay informed 

If Clark College is notified of a confirmed case of measles at a college location, further communication will be shared via your Clark College email account. Depending on advice from Clark County Public Health, the college may also send alerts via our RAVE Alert system, the college’s home page, and this Alerts page.

Anyone with questions about measles infection or the measles vaccine should call their primary care provider or their local county health department:

Clark County Public Health, 360.397.8021
Skamania County Public Health, 509.427.3850
Klickitat County Public Health, 509.773.4565
Multnomah County Public Health, 503.988.3406
Washington County Public Health, 503.846.3594
Clackamas County Public Health, 503.655.8411 

More Information

Clark County Public Health Latest Measles Updates

Measles Basic Info Sheet (PDF)

CDC Measles FAQs

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