This page is used to publish alerts regarding temporary changes to our facilities or hours due to construction, collegewide trainings, equipment malfunctions, etc. For emergency alerts that will direct to updates to this page, please sign up for RAVE Alerts (see button at bottom of page) to receive emergency notifications.   

Clark College is open - all classes in session Friday, January 17, 2020

Clark College is open and operating normally today. Employees should report to work as they normally would, and students should attend classes unless otherwise indicated by the instructor on Clark's Classes Today web page.

The Clark College community includes students, faculty, and staff from Clark, Skamania and eastern Klickitat Counties and many other areas. Weather conditions may vary across the region. Decisions to delay or cancel classes are based on the weather situation at Clark facilities. However, if any Clark student, faculty, or staff member feels unsafe about driving due to weather conditions, they should not drive. Public transportation may be an option. Staff are encouraged to contact their supervisor and inform them of the situation, and students are encouraged to contact their instructors.

For more information, view Clark College's Weather Delays and Cancellation Policy.  

Clark College students must get their new Student ID Number beginning October 31

On Thursday, October 31, Clark College upgraded to the state’s new software system to manage student registration, tuition payment, financial aid, and other student records. Moving forward, in order to access any of these online systems, students must log into the new system to receive their new Student ID Number and activate their new MyClark account. All students should get their new MyClark account activated as soon as possible. You will not be able to register for winter term classes, check your transcripts, or complete other online activities until you have done so.

It may be easier to activate your new account with help from our TechHub staff, who are present in both Cannell Library and Scarpelli Hall room 135B. Information about TechHub hours and services are available on their web page. They are also available by phone at 360-992-2010 or 360-992-2431.

Assistive technology

Clark College recommends that those requiring assistive technology to use their MyClark accounts contact Disability Support Services at 360-992-2314 to schedule an appointment for one-on-one help.  


Water Station 1 construction project and impacts on the main campus

The City of Vancouver is beginning Phase 2 of its Water Station 1 construction project, located to the north of Clark College’s main campus. This construction, which is anticipated to continue through late 2021, will affect the main campus in several ways that we want you to be aware of:

Though the City and its contractors will work to reduce impacts where possible, some disruption—including noise, dust, tree removal, and heavy-equipment traffic—is inevitable. The college will work with the City to mitigate its effect on the college community as much as possible.

While this construction may create some inconvenience for our community here at the college, it is important to the future sustainability of the greater Vancouver community. Water Station 1 is the city’s largest source of drinking water. For more information about the project, visit Questions about the construction project can be directed to


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