High School Adult Diploma

The Clark College High School Adult Diploma is a bona fide high school diploma issued from the State of Washington through Clark College. Students complete college credit bearing classes at a reduced tuition rate to count toward both their remaining high school requirements and a degree or certificate. 

Students must be age 18 and over and their high school class must have graduated. Washington state residents age 19 or older pay 1/3 of the posted tuition rate.

Program Details

Students who completed the necessary requirements and credits for an adult diploma prior to submitting records for an evaluation,  will be required to successfully complete a three-credit Clark College course before a diploma will be issued. Credit classes previously completed at Clark College may meet this requirement.


How do I enter the program?

  1. Apply for Admissions: Apply online or in person at the Welcome Center, located in Gaiser Hall, Room 128.

  2. Complete placement test in the Assessment Center, located within Enrollment Services in Gaiser Hall, Room 128.

  3. Complete the new student orientation requirements.

  4. Obtain an official high school transcript. Official transcripts should remian in a sealed envelope from the school or school district the student last attended.  Contact the high school or high school district for more information on obtaining an official transcript.

  5. Meet with the Transitional Studies Program Manager and bring a copy of the official transcript to the appointment. During the appointment, the program manager will evaluate the transcript and create a customized education plan, including an estimated timeline to completion. To make an appointment , please call the Transitional Studies Reception Desk at 360-992-2741.


Program Contact

Monica Wilson
Transitional Studies Program Manager
T-Building, Room 201
mawilson@clark.edu or 360-992-2780