eLearning Class Registration Permission

How do students obtain permission to register for an eLearning class after the waitlist has ended?

If space is available, registration is based on a first come first serve basis until the first Wednesday of the quarter After that, students must obtain instructor permission to register. Please see Registration's process to do so at http://www.clark.edu/admissions_fin_aid/registration/waitlist.php

How do eLearning students obtain instructor permission to register?

Step 1(STUDENT): Student emails the instructor to obtain permission (instructor's email is first initial of first name+last name@clark.edu; for example, John Doe=jdoe@clark.edu with very few exceptions, contact the specific department if this applies). In the email the student will include the following:


Step 2 (INSTRUCTOR): If permission is granted, the instructor submits an electronic Instructor Permission Form to the Registration Office.

Step 3 (STUDENT): Fill out, sign and submit the Change of Registration form.

10th day petition: To add a class after the 10th day of the quarter (8th day summer), you may have to submit a Late Registration Petition. Contact the Registration Office at registration@clark.edu or 360-992-2183 for more information.