eLearning Degree Programs

Clark College eLearning offers the following flexible degree options:

Online AA Programs

The following degrees are available fully online, or through a combination of online, hybrid, and weekend classes:

Associate in Arts General Transfer - DTA

Business Administration -DTA/MRP


Weekend Degree Program

Weekend Degree classes are taught in hybrid format. The classes are primarily online with mandatory in-person meetings in a traditional classroom setting at least once a month/three times per quarter.  In-person meetings are either Friday evening, Saturday morning, or Saturday afternoon.

Weekend Degree classes 

For more information about degree specifications at Clark College, see the College Catalog.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Online, Hybrid, Weekend Degree, and Web Enhanced classes?

Online, Hybrid, and Weekend Degree are all different eLearning modalities. In other words, different formats for the same course. Web Enhanced classes are traditional on-campus classes that require some sort of online component (Canvas or otherwise). To see a detailed description of each, see What is eLearning

How do I find out what eLearning classes are offered this term?

You can filter the online schedule to see only eLearning classes. Select Schedule Options and check the eLearning checkbox.

Filter the online schedule by selecting "Schedule Options" and clicking on the eLearning checkbox. 


How do Weekend Degree classes work?

The classes are taught in a hybrid format. The majority of class will be spent in an online learning environment, however, designated meetings in a traditional classroom setting are scheduled either Friday night, Saturday morning, or Saturday afternoon at least once a month/three times per quarter. These meetings are mandatory and missing them can adversely affect your grade.

Do I need a computer to take eLearning classes?

While owning a computer is not a requirement, to be most successful in eLearning classes it is highly recommended you have the following: 

If you need to purchase a computer you have the option to make your purchase through the Clark College Bookstore

When do eLearning classes start? 

eLearning classes follow the same academic calendar as all other Clark College classes. Online, Weekend Degree, and most hybrid classes begin online the first day of the term unless otherwise noted in the schedule

Are eLearning classes self-paced?

No. eLearning classes follow a specific progression throughout the term. You cannot complete the classes at your own pace. 

Can I receive Financial Aid for eLearning classes?

Please contact the Financial Aid office to determine your eligibility and to apply for financial aid. Ask about grants, scholarships, loans, and student employment opportunities. 

Who do I contact for questions/advising/support for eLearning classes?

You can contact the eLearning department at 360-992-2654 or eLearning@clark.edu.