Is eLearning Right For Me?

The question is often asked whether eLearning classes are easier or harder than traditional on-campus classes. The answer really depends on you. eLearning classes offer a flexible alternative to the traditional on-campus class. These classes can be great for those who cannot fit face-to-face classes into their busy lives or just prefer an online setting. There are essential skills, however, that will make your eLearning experience easier. We highly recommend you consider carefully both your technical and learning skills before registering for an eLearning class. Taking the time to know your strengths and to brush up on those skills you struggle with can make a huge difference in your eLearning experience.


Technical Skills

 The more comfortable you are using computers and technology, the smoother your eLearning experience will be. General skills include:

 Please consider carefully your comfort level with computers and technology. If you feel you need more computer skills before attempting an eLearning class we would recommend you take one of these on-campus courses or find tutorials online.


Learning Skills

 eLearning classes offer a different style of learning than traditional on-campus classes. For some, this new style of learning can be a struggle and for some it can meld with their personal learning style perfectly.  It's a good idea to know your learning skills before committing to an eLearning class. Skills that make a successful eLearning student include:

 For more information regarding what a successful eLearning student looks like check out this great article from the Illinois Online Network.


SmarterMeasure–Self Assessment Test

We encourage you to take the time to take this self-assessment test. It takes approximately 35 minutes to complete and will give you an evaluation of your tech skills as well as your learning style and where you could use more knowledge.

Username: eClark
Password: Penguin