Clark College Strategic Plan

The Clark College Strategic Plan provides a framework for supporting student success in everything we do. With a focus on learning -- supported by thoughtful planning and continuous assessment -- we engage learners and enrich our region.

The 2009-2014 Strategic Plan is the product of thoughtful research and a detailed review of the college’s service district: Clark, Skamania, and western Klickitat counties. All areas of the college have aligned their work to support the plan, which focuses on student success.

The plan is the work of a visioning process that will lead the college to effectively fulfill its role within the community, state, region, and nation in providing educational opportunities for diverse learners to achieve their educational and professional goals.

2015-2020 Strategic Planning Process

Clark College 2009-2014 Strategic Plan


Extraordinary Education • Excellent Services • Engaged Learners • Enriched Community


Clark College provides opportunities for diverse learners to achieve their educational and professional goals, thereby enriching the social, cultural, and economic environment of our region and the global community.


Focus on Learning

The College will focus on learning as the foundation for decision making with respect to planning, technology, location, instructional methods and successful outcomes. Learners will receive high-quality, innovative education and services that foster student success in achievement of their goals.

Expand Access

The college will offer programs and services that are affordable and accessible to students of the community.  Students will be provided flexible options for learning in locations that are accessible and resources that help make their education affordable.

Foster a Diverse College Community

The college will provide programs and services to support the needs of diverse populations.

Respond to Workforce Needs

The college will provide educational services that facilitate the gainful and meaningful employment for students seeking training, retraining or continuing education.  College programs and services will meet the economic needs of the community.

Enhance College Systems

The College will continually assess, evaluate, and improve college systems to facilitate student learning.

Clark College 2009-2014 Strategic Plan in PDF format.