Student Complaint FAQ

What is an informal complaint?

An informal complaint is the first step in the student complaint process. You must attempt to resolve your concerns directly with the individual you are having an issue with before moving to the formal complaint process.

How do I resolve a complaint informally?

We ask that you first speak directly with the individual that you have an issue with. This is done in a respectful manner and at a time and place when the conversation can be professional and confidential. In your conversation, be specific about what your concerns are and why behavior, decisions or actions were unfair to you. Through the informal complaint process specific issues may become clearer, and the problem can be readily addressed. Informal complaints are often times the quickest and easiest way to resolve an issue. As a professional courtesy, we ask that you schedule an appointment to meet with the individual you have an issue with. You may also contact them by phone or email.

What if I don't feel safe speaking to the person I'm having a problem with?

If you are not comfortable talking directly with the individual you are having an issue with, we ask that you contact their immediate supervisor.

Why should I file a complaint?

Clark College is committed to providing you with a safe learning environment and positive educational experience. If you feel that you have been treated unfairly, you have the right to be heard. Please refer to Administrative Policy and Procedure 735.000 for specific information regarding all complaint processes. The student complaint process may not be invoked for matters that have independent appeal processes established. If you are alleging discrimination you can file a complaint with our Diversity Center located in GHL 214.

Can my complaint be submitted anonymously?

In most situations we will need to know who is submitting a complaint in order for us to appropriately and fairly resolve issues. Your information will only be shared with those college employees that need to know this information in order to successfully resolve your concerns. You should not anticipate any retaliation of any sort as a result of your complaint.

Can a person make multiple complaints against one person even if the other situation has been resolved?

Yes, if there is another issue that has arisen by the same parties but a separate incident, then a complaint can be filed. Please note that an attempt to resolve the issue informally must first occur.

Can I file a complaint about another student?

Complaints about another student must be followed through the Clark College code of student conduct.

When should I file a formal complaint?

We encourage you to attempt to resolve informal complaints right away. Formal complaints may be submitted after you have exhausted all efforts first to resolve your concerns informally. Complaints should be made no more than 90 days after the incident occurs.

Where do I file my formal complaint?

File your complaint online through the Online CARE Report - select "Student Complaint" as your report type. Your online formal complaint form is received and then forwarded by college staff responding to the appropriate areas depending on whether the issue is instructional or non-instructional in nature.

What kind of documents can I include along with my complaint?

You may include any documentation that you feel supports your complaints. Examples include but are not limited to copies of emails or hand written documents that you have from the other party, or anything that corroborates your claim. Please note that attaching documents with confidential information such as social security number, student identification number or credit card numbers is not advised. If you choose to send these, please line out this information.

 Who do I contact if I do not hear from someone in the allotted 5 days?

You can follow up by emailing us at or by contacting a staff member in the Vice President of Student Affairs office.

How can I follow up on my complaint?

After we have received your formal complaint and supporting documentation, you will receive an email message from us letting you know what to expect next. You will be given information on who to follow up with should you have questions.

Formal Complaint Form:    Clark College Student Complaint-Online CARE Report