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Accessibility Resources

Visit our Accessibility Resources page please.

Check out our Accessible Syllabus template to help you create an accessible syllabus.


Please visit our Accessibility Resources page and find the Captioning section in the middle of the page.

Drop-In Hours

These are offered via Zoom weekly for students or faculty who have questions regarding approved accommodations.

Faculty Portal

New  for Fall 2023, DSS has a Faculty Portal! Faculty will continue to receive accommodation letters emailed for each individual student in each class. The Faculty Portal allows instructors to log in and view all student accommodation letters in one place for the term. Or if faculty want to ensure they have not missed a student letter, they can log in and check.

Flexible Attendance & Deadlines Information

There are a few different types of Flexible Attendance and Deadlines accommodation a student could be approved for. Please review our  Guidelines for Flexible Attendance and Deadlines Accommodations.

*If you and the student need support agreeing on a plan please contact DSS. After a discussion and plan is agreed on, the Instructor can complete the form and email to dss@clark.edu or the student can complete it in their myDSS account.  

How do I know if students in my class have approved accommodations?

Faculty Notification: Faculty will be notified by email by DSS when a student has been approved and has requested accommodations for your class that term. The information included explains the specific accommodation(s), not the actual disability. Upon receipt of that email, please confirm and tell DSS if you need clarification as soon as possible. Students are encouraged to request accommodations as soon as they register or ideally prior to the start of each term, but can request accommodations at any point in time. If a student approaches you about accommodations and you have not received official notice, please refer the student to the DSS office. Either the student has not yet requested accommodations or the student has not gone through the initial DSS approval process.

How do I request an interpreter or captioning for a DSS student or event?

*Currently there is a shortage of ASL interpreters and we appreciate two weeks notice as much as possible

Complete this form Request a Sign Language Interpreter or Captioning for a Video for any of these reasons:

Generally, it is the responsibility of the student, not the instructor, to request an interpreter.  If a student approaches you and requests an interpreter, please refer them to contact: Angela Childers at achilders@clark.edu or 360-992-2955 (phone).

Note: If you are a staff or faculty member who uses interpreting services you should now contact HR directly at hr@clark.edu. HR is coordinating interpreters for employees as of February 2023.

Other Resources

Accessibility Resources 

Step-by-step directions for extending testing time in Canvas

Tools for Promoting Disabilty Access and Inclusion *great review for Remote Learning

Universal Design Guide by Clark College

Notetaking Accommodations

We need your help faculty! The most common type of Notetaking Accommodation is now called Summary Notes of Live Content. We request faculty assistance in implementing Summary Notes for any live in person or remote lectures, such as in person lectures, Zoom lectures, or lab lectures. This applies to online classes and face to face.   Instructor: DSS is requesting your assistance in providing this note taker accommodation.  Please identify a note taker solution for your class by trying one of these two methods:
1. Provide instructor lecture notes or outlines. If you already have prepared lecture notes and/or outlines these could suffice and we encourage you to offer this option to the student. Please ensure notes are sent to the student in a timely way so they have good access along with the course learning. (Or a Universal Design approach is to post them in Canvas for everyone!).
2. Locate a volunteer peer note taker. Please send the following anonymous announcement to your class: “A student in this class has a documented disability that impacts his or her or their ability to take comprehensive lecture notes. We are requesting that someone volunteer to share notes. Is there anyone who would be willing to volunteer their notes?” If yes, email them this link asking them to register as a note taker with DSS and ask them to have their course number (CRN) ready: https://teton.accessiblelearning.com/Clark/Default.aspx.
It often takes a couple of messages to get a volunteer. **Please let DSS know which note taking option will be used. Reach out to DSS for support so they can help create an alternate plan.

If you find a peer volunteer notetaker:

If you have any questions or concerns, or if you can't find a notetaker volunteer after two attempts, please contact Disability Support Services at notetaking@clark.edu.

Syllabus Statement for Accommodations

Please incorporate an Accommodation Statement into your course syllabus. These statements preserve the student’s privacy and indicate your willingness to provide assistance. Bring this statement to the attention of your class at the first class meeting.  Suggested Syllabus Statement:

ADA Accommodations

Clark College and Disability Support Services (DSS) assist students with disabilities in pursuing their educational goals. Clark College is committed to assuring that its services are accessible to individuals with disabilities.  Disability Support Services (DSS) coordinates accommodations for students with disabilities and/or temporary health conditions (could include a temporary injury or pregnancy). DSS approves and provides student disability accommodations for classes in partnership with faculty. Students with disabilities who believe that they may need accommodations in this class are encouraged to contact DSS as soon as possible to better ensure that accommodations are implemented in a timely manner. All accommodations must first be approved through Disability Support Services.  Interested in getting accommodations? You can Request Accommodations by following steps on the DSS website www.clark.edu/dss.  Or contact DSS one of these ways:

If you have already been approved for accommodations, don't forget to request them every term in myDSS.  Students who need to test at DSS also need to schedule their own exams in myDSS or by contacting DSS. Exams should be scheduled with DSS with at least 5-business days’ notice. Please reach out to DSSTesting@clark.edu if you have any questions about your testing accommodations. 

Once you have established accommodations with Disability Support Services, please contact me soon as your instructor to discuss your needs in this course.