Conduct Faculty/Staff Process

For all situations where there is concern for active physical threats or disruptive behavior, we need you to submit a report in the conduct referral form:

What to report

The Student Conduct Officer provides support for you and our students for addressing behaviors in the following areas:

If this report is related to an incident of interpersonal violence (sexual harassment, stalking, sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, retaliation), please use the Title IX Incident Report Form.

Classroom management statement

The classroom environment is a vital part of learning, whether you’re teaching in-person or online. Each person in the class will bring a different perspective and background, which we all hope will provide an environment that supports all students. Students, staff, and faculty bring their lives into the academic spaces and there are times that what’s going on outside of the classroom will have an impact inside the classroom.

While each situation is different, we want to ensure that you know about and have access to resources to help you succeed. The Associate Director of Student Care & Community Standards is here to support you and can be consulted to work through a current situation and to explore strategies and resources that might be helpful tools for you and your students.

Below you will find some tips for having tough conversations with students in support of classroom management. 

When dealing with a difficult student situation adapted from University of Louisville:


Faculty members have the authority to take appropriate action to maintain order and proper conduct in the classroom and to maintain the effective cooperation of students in fulfilling the objectives of the course.

  1. Bringing any person, thing, or object to a teaching and learning environment that may disrupt the environment or cause a safety or health hazard, without the express approval of the faculty member is expressly prohibited.
  2. Faculty members or college administrators have the right to suspend any student from any single class or related activity for no more than one instructional day, if the student's misconduct creates disruption to the point that it is difficult or impossible to maintain the decorum of the class, related activity, or the learning and teaching environment. The faculty member or college administrator shall report this suspension to the student conduct officer or designee on the same day of the suspension. In consultation with the faculty member, the student conduct officer may set conditions for the student upon return to the class or activity.