Intramural FAQ

What are intramurals?
Intramurals is a latin term that means within walls. The intramural sports and activities program here at Clark College provides students, staff, and faculty with recreational opportunities on campus and in the community.
What determines the sports and activities that are offered?
A student interest survey is sent out once a year to get a general idea of which recreational activities have the most interest. If you have a suggestion for a new sport or activity to be offered, contact the intramural office.
How do I register a team? And what if I don't have a team?
Team registration forms can be found online and printed out to be submitted to OSC 141 or the Fitness Center front desk. Registration forms can also be found on the intramural bulletin board in the lobby of O'Connell Sports Complex.

If you don't have a team, no problem! Register as a free agent to be placed on a team made up of other free agents or be placed on an existing team in need of more players. Free Agent Registration forms are located in the same places as team registration forms.
Can my friend who does not attend Clark College play?
Only currently enrolled Clark College students, faculty, and staff on Campus are eligible to participate. Since facility space on campus is limited, we want to ensure that Clark College affiliates have the most opportunities to participate in intramural sports and activities. However some special events, may be open to the general public and that will be indicated on the event information page.