Commencement and Graduation Ceremonies

2022 Commencement Ceremony


Commencement Program Cover

Graduates! Did you know applying for graduation and participating in commencement are two separate processes?

Graduation - Successful completion of your diploma, certificate or degree requirements. Receiving your diploma (diplomas are mailed regardless if you participate in the Commencement ceremony). Please scroll down to apply to receive your diploma.

Commencement - Commencement is the event in which you are recognized for your achievement This is a celebratory occasion and not required. While we encourage participation it is not required and you will still receive your diploma via mail if you choose not to participate If you do wish to participate in the Commencement ceremony it is required to sign-up to participate The deadline to pre-order your cap and gown was  April 15, 2022, if you did not sign up by April 15 you may still sign up as a "late order", please be sure to submit your Graduation Application first and then submit your cap and gown order by June 3 2022, this is how we know you will be participating in the ceremony.  Please note, if you did not get your order in by April 15 your name will not be listed in the program. 

Below are the steps to apply for your degree and receive your diploma: 

  1. Apply to graduate* 

    *Transitional Study, GED and HS+ graduates:
    Please note you do not need to submit a graduation application, if your are a HS+ graduate please meet with your Pathway Advisor during the term in which you plan to complete your credits before submitting your cap and gown order, once they confirm your completion you may order your cap and gown If you are a GED graduate please see the "Participate in the Ceremony" section and complete your cap and gown

    Apply for graduation online at MyClark@Clark under the Academic Progress Tile on the Student Homepage:

    (For step-by-step instructions, visit the following link and scroll down to Apply for Graduation: ctcLink Account Tutorials)

    If you are having difficulties with the online graduation application process, please apply for Graduation by submitting your graduation application form to

    Dates of note based on term of completion: 

    Spring 2022 Term Application Submission Window (11/08/2021 - 06/16/2022)

    Summer 2022 Term Application Submission Window (11/08/2021 - 08/26/2022) 

  2. Settle all financial obligations.

  3. Degrees are posted to your Clark transcript at the end of term completed and your requirements are fulfilled.

  4. Whether you participate in the Commencement ceremony or not your diploma will be mailed 8 weeks after the term in which you complete your program (ex: if you complete in Spring your diploma will arrive in the mail mid-August).

To Participate in the Commencement ceremony:

The deadline to participate in the 2022 Commencement Ceremony has past.  If you have any questions please contact