Open Doors

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Open Doors is a program for students who have either dropped out of high school or are not expected to graduate high school by the age of 21. In partnership with Vancouver School District, Open Doors provides opportunities and pathways for students to fit their educational and career goals. It’s a great way to re-start your educational journey, even if high school didn’t feel like the right fit for you.

Open Doors students are Clark College students and take classes in either Transitional Studies (pre-college) or associate degree programs. Transitional Studies includes Career and Academic Preparation courses that prepare you to earn a GED; you can also earn credits that can count toward your original Vancouver School District high school transcript so you can earn your diploma. 

With Open Doors, you can also go beyond a GED or high school diploma by pursuing any of Clark College’s associate degree or certificate programs. You can focus on a pathway that trains you for a technical career in fields like computers, manufacturing, or health care—or earn an academic associate degree that allows you to transfer to a university. Best of all, you could wind up earning your high school diploma and your college degree or certificate—at the same time!

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Eligibility for Open Doors

Don’t qualify for Open Doors? You can still contact us to learn about other potential options for continuing your education.

To enroll in Open Doors, please contact Transitional Studies.

T-Building (TBG), Room 201
(360) 992 - 2741