Program Benefits

Pharmacy technician leadership is a relatively new study curriculum, but growing in importance for career advancement in the evolving professional field. In fact, Clark College's Pharmacy Technician Advisory Board developed the AAT degree based on feedback from its membership that includes both pharmacists and technicians, employed in the community.

Pharmacy technicians increasingly assist and support licensed pharmacists to prepare prescription medications, provide customer service and perform administrative duties within a pharmacy setting. The AAT degree is designed to meet area needs for trained professionals by preparing students to fill positions with longevity and potential for advancement.

There are no similar study programs currently available in the Southwest Washington and greater Portland metropolitan area.

Pharmacy Technician Success

For those who have not yet decided on a career path, the Pharmacy Technician Leadership program may be perfectly suited for you. Successful pharmacy leadership technicians require comprehensive reading and mathematics skills and the ability to think analytically about not only technical and medical issues, but issues related to business management, business and customer relations, profitability, and professional development, particularly in the supervision of other team or staff members.

Pharmacy leadership technicians perform a wide variety of tasks. Typical activities are the following: