Transfer Students

Transferring Credit From Other Colleges

When the Enrollment Services department has received your application, program application fees, and all official transcripts, an evaluation will be completed to determine college course adequacy. A letter will then be sent to you regarding your status.

Transcripts will be reviewed on a course-by-course basis for adequacy and applicable grades will be factored into the applicable GPA's.  To help facilitate and expedite the evaluation, it is your responsibility to submit course descriptions along with your application for review. 

Course Adequacy:

Course numbers and titles vary from college to college. Adequacy of transfer credits is determined by course content. Course credit hours and adequacy will be determined by Clark College. It may be necessary for candidates to submit course descriptions and/or syllabi to determine adequacy. Submitting a complete syllabus* will allow for the most accurate evaluation. Courses accepted as equivalent at one college may not be equivalent at another college.

English Composition and General (non-science) courses:

For each course you wish to transfer, submit the course description(s) and a copy of the catalog cover that verifies the college and the year you took the course(s). Be aware that for English Composition a syllabus may be required to verify that a research paper was included in the course.


Requires a copy of the syllabus* from each course you wish to be evaluated. The syllabus must show the appropriate year and quarter you took the course. IF a syllabus showing the appropriate year and quarter is not available, a letter from the college's Science Department needs to accompany the syllabus. The cover letter must verify the content and coverage of the course that was taken is the same as listed on the syllabus being sent, and must state the name of the text used during the quarter you took the course(s).

*A syllabus is a detailed outline of a course, usually handed out by the instructor the first day of class. It includes information such as text book(s), chapters studied, subjects covered, class assignments, lab assignments, test and quiz schedule, grading policies, attendance requirements., etc.

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