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History Department


History is an interest area that examines past events and how they have shaped culture. 

Clark's History Department offers students access to faculty with extensive international experience and classes that develop skills in critical thinking and cultural literacy. 

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iA Dialogue Between Past and Present

Studying historical events allows us to glimpse into early civilization and better understand how the past has shaped the present. History is a foundation of the social sciences and offers students the opportunity to examine human actions, ideas, and beliefs from the past through the lens and methodology of a social scientist. 

At Clark, students will gain cultural awareness studying a range of material that covers everything from the Inca civilization of the high Andes to colonial America on the eve of the revolution. Our faculty bring a wealth of professional experience teaching and traveling abroad, providing students with a global perspective in the classroom. 

Career Opportunities

Employment opportunities for history majors exist in a variety of roles that include: historian, county records management officer, history teacher, museum curator, and archivist.  

Clark offers an Associate in Arts degree (AA) designed for students planning to transfer to a four-year institution to pursue a bachelor's degree program. The job titles listed are opportunities based on a bachelor’s degree and above.