Communication Transfer

Effective communication is vital for success in most careers. Communication Studies courses enhance many degree programs and can help students develop skills that are beneficial for a variety of different fields. Students pursuing an associate in arts, an applied science degree, or a certificate of proficiency can benefit from Communication Studies courses, and many four-year degree programs require students to take at least one Communication Studies course.

If you are pursuing a four-year degree in the discipline of Communication Studies, you are strongly advised to contact an advisor from your chosen transfer institution to determine what courses you will need to take in order to earn your degree.

The following transfer institutions offer a four-year degree in communication studies/speech communication:

Communication Studies majors hold positions in:

Business and Industry

  • Account executive
  • Advertising sales director
  • Affirmative action officer
  • Community affairs director
  • Communications consultant
  • Conflict resolution specialist
  • Corporate purchasing agent
  • Customer service representative
  • Director of conventions
  • Director of medical education
  • Hotel convention salesperson
  • Hotel management
  • Human development laboratory trainer
  • Industrial information specialist
  • Labor relations specialist
  • Management analyst
  • Market researcher
  • Marketing coordinator
  • Media manager
  • Personnel manager
  • Public information officer
  • Public relations consultant
  • Stockbroker


  • Administrator
  • Audio-visual specialist
  • College professor
  • Counselor
  • Education tester
  • Elementary teacher
  • High school teacher
  • Instruction program designer
  • Researcher
  • Student services staff

Government and Social Services

  • Campaign director
  • City transportation coordinator
  • Commission director
  • Conflict resolution specialist
  • Development officer
  • Elected official
  • Foreign service officer
  • Fund raiser
  • Interviewer
  • Legislative assistant
  • Lobbyist
  • Media specialist
  • Negotiator
  • Press secretary
  • Recreation coordinator
  • Speech writer
  • State tourism director


  • Health services
  • Law
  • Marriage counselor
  • Mediator
  • Ministry
  • Public Administration