For Faculty

The Transfer AA Honors Program provides faculty with unique opportunities to contribute to the intellectual growth of outstanding students.

Faculty interested in participating in the Transfer AA Honors Program have three options:

  1. Develop and teach Honors-designated classes.

    Faculty who teach honors courses have the opportunity to develop academically challenging course assignments and work closely with a small group of dedicated, exceptional students. To submit a course proposal, complete the Honors course proposal form and send the proposal and a draft course syllabus to

  2. Serve as a Faculty mentor.

    Faculty mentors meet with a student mentee quarterly to offer academic and professional advice and oversee the student's Honors capstone project.

  3. Join the Honors Committee.

    The Honors Committee evaluates Honors course proposals, selects Honors Scholarship recipients, and establishes Honors program policies.

The Honors Program welcomes the participation of all interested faculty in program activities. Please contact a member of the Honors Committee or send a message to for more information.