Transfer AA Honors Program

The Honors Program is currently being restructured and will relaunch Fall 2024.  For information please contact Dr. Tina Redd at

The Transfer AA Honors Program is designed to promote excellence in learning and celebrate exceptional student achievement. Students admitted to the Honors Program have the opportunity to take intellectually enriching Honors courses with other outstanding students, work closely with a faculty mentor, and complete an independent capstone project relevant to their area of interest.

Student benefits

The Transfer AA Honors Program offers significant benefits to students:

Program admission requirements

Students must meet the following requirements for admission to the program:

One or more of the admission requirements above may be waived if a Clark faculty member submits a formal recommendation of admission on behalf on the student.

Maintaining good standing in program

Students must satisfy the following requirements to maintain good standing in the Honors program:

If one or more of these requirements are not satisfied, the student will meet with the Honors Program Coordinator to develop an academic improvement plan. If the student does not satisfy one or more of the above requirements for three successive terms, the student will be dismissed from the program.

Capstone project

The culmination of Honors program participation is a public presentation of the capstone project. The project should reflect rigorous engagement in and knowledge of one or more specific academic disciplines. Given the diverse areas of study within the transfer AA degree, the capstone presentation could take a variety of forms (e.g., the exhibition of artistic work, an artistic performance, a reading of an original literary analysis, a summary of a scientific study, a proposal to resolve an important social problem, or a description of a service learning project). Students will develop an appropriate capstone project and presentation with the guidance of their faculty mentor.

Transfer AA Honors Concentration

To earn the Honors Concentration, students must satisfy the following requirements: