First Day Attendance/No-Show Policy

You must attend the first class meeting of your courses. For eLearning courses, this means logging in to your Canvas account on the first day of the quarter.

If you are unable to attend class due to an emergency or conflict of a serious nature, you should:

If you are unable to log in to your Canvas account, you should:

If you do not attend one or more class sessions, or fail to log in to Canvas on the first day of the quarter, you may be dropped from the class by your instructor. However, not all instructors drop students from classes when students do not attend.

If you miss any classes during the first five days, you are responsible for verifying your enrollment status. It is your responsibility to drop or withdraw from classes you do not plan to attend. You will be held responsible for any tuition that was paid by you or an agency (including Financial Aid) for classes from which you do not drop or withdraw.

If you are dropped from a paid class for non-attendance by your instructor during the first five days of the quarter, a 100% refund will be issued to whoever paid tuition and fees.