Student Employment Opportunities

COVID-19 Student Employment Guidance

Updated 6/5/20 

Here is some important information about Work Study and Non-Work Study student employees based on what we know today (please be aware that situations related to COVID-19 continue to evolve and so will compliance):

Working Remotely

Students should expect supervisors to work directly with them to create work/communications plans to identify projects, define goals, timelines, expectations and support needed. If student employees are able to work remotely, there is no change to the procedure for reporting hours worked. 

Applying for Unemployment

Students may qualify for short-term unemployment if your department cannot employ you remotely. For more information about emergency unemployment, please go to: The college is not representing whether employees will qualify, the decision is made by Employment Security Department.  

Note: Student employees cannot be paid for hours not worked. Students who cannot work remotely will not be paid.

Participate in Student Employment

Start here: Student Employment Checklist

Career Services Approved Resume

All Student Employment positions require a Career Services approved resume which are good for a calendar year beginning in June.  After one calendar year, students must update their resume and have them re-approved to continue their participation in Student Employment. 

Student Employment Quiz

All Student Employment positions require the student to complete the Student Employment Quiz located on their MyClark@Clark page. Sign in with your Clark Lab Account username and password, proceed to the box that says Student Employment. It will then prompt students to read about the program and pass the quiz with a 70% to see available jobs.

Work Study

Work Study jobs, on and off-campus, are available only to students who qualify for financial aid and are classified as a Washington resident. Work Study positions will be identifiable by a WS in front of the job code. Take the Career Services approved resume and the job code to Financial Aid for the referral. For more information please contact the Financial Aid office or email them at

Institutional Hire

Institutional Hire jobs (on campus only) do not require financial aid eligibility, but like Work Study, students must be enrolled in 6 credits or more and maintain a minimum 2.0 GPA. Institutional Hire positions will be identifiable by a IH in front of the job code. Career Services will issue a job referral for those positions.

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