Is eLearning Right For Me?

The question is often asked whether online classes are easier or harder than traditional on-campus classes. The answer really depends on you. Online classes offer a flexible alternative to the traditional on-campus class, but are just as rigorous and require the same time commitment, if not more. We highly recommend that you carefully consider both your technical and learning skills described below, before registering for an online class. In addition, consider that access to a desktop or laptop computer, not just a mobile device, will be required.

Technical Skills

The more comfortable you are using computers and technology, the smoother your online experience will be. Necessary skills can include:

Learning and Digital Information Literacy Skills

Online classes offer a different style of learning than traditional on-campus classes. For some, this new style of learning can be a struggle and for some it can meld with their personal learning style perfectly. It's a good idea to know your learning skills before committing to an online class. Skills that make a successful online student include:

What Makes a Successful Online Student?

For more information regarding what a successful online student looks like, check out this great article from the Illinois Online Network.

Online Access

An updated, later model computer system running Windows or Mac OSX with Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome browser and access to Internet (preferably high-speed) will be required. Computers are available in on-campus student labs or you may use your own device. Mobile devices can be used, but can cause display, testing and assignment submission issues so we recommend their use only for reference and not for completing coursework. Visit our Technical Requirements page to learn more.