Weather Delays and Cancellations

It doesn’t happen often but, occasionally, classes and events at Clark College must be delayed or cancelled to ensure the safety of our students and staff.  

Generally, cancellations are caused by inclement weather and emergencies.  When inclement weather causes transportation problems or locally hazardous conditions, students and employees are expected to give first consideration to their personal safety when evaluating their ability to travel to the college.

When will the college make a decision about a cancellation or delay?

If it appears that inclement weather or other circumstances might cause delays or cancellations to day classes, the college strives to make a decision by 5:15 a.m. so that information can be shared with employees and the general public no later than 5:30-5:45 a.m.

Decisions about evening classes and events will generally be made no later than 2 p.m.

Please remember that though the college may remain open, some instructors may not be able to make it in. It is a good idea to check the Today's Classes page to ensure that your class has not been cancelled for that reason. You will also find a link to the Today's Classes page on the "Quick Links" drop down menu.

What parts of the college will be affected?

*Important:  Clark College serves students in Clark, Skamania and eastern Klickitat Counties.  Weather conditions may vary across the region. Decisions to delay or cancel classes are based on the weather situation at Clark facilities.

However, if any Clark student feels unsafe about driving to classes due to weather conditions, they should not drive.  Students are encouraged to contact their instructors and inform them of the situation.

Public transportation -- C-Tran or TriMet -- may be an option.  Check their websites for current information.

How will the college share information?

What will the messages look like?

Generally, the messages will look like this: 

Clark College in Vancouver: Due to [cause for cancellation], classes and events scheduled to start prior to [time] at the main campus and CTC will not be held today [day of week and date].