Tools and Resources


The catalog is an outline of all policies, procedures, academic programs and general information about the college. A link for the most current and archived catalogs can be found at the bottom of every Clark College webpage.

For academic planning support, look at these specific areas of the catalog:

The Academic Plans section includes an overview description and summary of program requirements.

Course Descriptions are an A-Z listing of all courses offered at Clark and descriptions.

Distribution Lists can help guide students to specific courses that fulfill the distribution areas for multiple degrees. Distribution areas include communication, quantitative skills, humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, human relations, and more.

Program Maps

These program maps showcase example scenarios of a student's possible term-by-term sequencing of classes for each degree or certificate - across our six areas of study. Program maps are suggested academic plans and should not be used in the place of regular academic advising. Your student entry method, placement, course availability, and program requirements are subject to change and transfer credit(s) may change your map/plan.

Program Maps

Areas of Study

The Areas of Study page provides a larger overview of what is offered at Clark and program information including orientations, applications and career information.

Areas of Study

English & Math Placement Pathways

Assessment is vital to know where you will begin with your English and math courses and is required. The Math & English flowcharts detail the sequencing of math and English courses based on program of study.

Assessment and Placement Page