Program Requirements and Academic Planning

How do I know which classes I should be taking?


Advisors are able to assist students with academic planning and understanding degree and certificate requirements. There are also several resources that students can access to obtain degree or certificate information prior to meeting with an advisor. One resource that is available to students to learn about program requirements is the Clark College Catalog. Please visit the "Academic Plans" section of the Clark College Catalog, this section lists each program that is offered at Clark and provides a list of course requirements for that program.

General Education Requirements

Students will often need to fulfill general education requirements for degrees and certificates, depending on degree type and students' placement test results. The math and English flowcharts detail the sequencing of math and English courses based on programs of study. 

Do you have an Education Plan?

An education plan is your roadmap to success! An education plan is a document that lays out all of the courses that are required for your program of study into a term-by-term plan. Advisors are available to assist students in creating a long-term education plan that takes into consideration prerequisites and appropriate course sequences. Students can download and save a Fillable Education Plan in order to start mapping out program requirements; feel free to view the sample Education Plan if needed.

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