Accommodation Request Procedure

Disability Support Services uses the term "accommodations" to encompass academic adjustments and auxiliary aids. Examples of accommodations are sign language interpreters, extended time for tests, a reader, or alternate format (i.e. braille, e-text, large print).  All accommodations are provided free of charge to qualified students.  An accommodation plan is determined on a case-by-case basis, according to the nature of the disability and to meet each student's individual needs.  Documentation from an appropriate professional is generally required. There are cases when Disability Support Services (DSS) staff exercise professional judgment, in lieu of documentation. 

Accommodations may be provided to an otherwise qualified student, if without reasonable accommodations the student would not be provided equal access, and the accommodation does not alter an essential requirement.

Steps for Requesting Accommodations

Student should following these steps in order to request accommodations.  (Due to confidentiality, no other individuals, including parents, case managers, etc., can request accommodations on a student’s behalf.)

Step 1:

Complete a Getting Started FormThis basic form consists of contact information and five brief questions. If you have your documentation ready, you can also upload it after this questionaire. 

Step 2:

Provide DSS with current disability related documentation.  DSS asks for documentation of your disability and/or temporary health condition to be turned into DSS for our review before we meet with you, please email documentation to: Our documentation guidelines are available online at: Disability Documentation Guidelines NOTE: If a disability is apparent and the need for a requested accommodations can easily be established, documentation may not be needed. For questions contact DSS.

Step 3:

Meet with DSS for an intake appointment.  This meeting will provide DSS with information about your strengths, weaknesses, disability, and requests.  The intent of the initial appointment is to be an interactive process with discussion of appropriate accommodations based on your disability.  Many times the accommodation determinations will be made during the initial appointment. Determinations are based on the submitted documentation and what you report as impacts of your disability during the meeting.  (Once in a while, an accommodation requires consultation with another DSS staff member. In these cases, DSS will notify you of this approval/denial within 7 business days of the initial appointment.)

Note: you need to be able to access your Clark student email address and password at your intake appointment for your myDSS account.  If you have not set up your Clark student email account please try to before your DSS intake. Visit the TechHub website for support.

Step 4:

Request Your Accommodations Each Term. You will need to request accommodations to DSS each term that you would like the accommodations to be in place.  Students request accommodations each term in myDSS.  Students can also schedule their exams for testing accommodations in myDSS.  We will introduce you to myDSS during your intake appointment.


Please contact us with any questions, visit our DSS homepage for our latest contact information for Zoom, email, and phone.

Pregnancy-related Accommodations

A student who experiences medically-necessary absences related to pregnancy, childbirth, false pregnancy, termination of pregnancy, or recovery from any of these conditions can request accommodations, such as flexibility with attendance, flexibility with deadlines, and ergonomic seating. Students seeking a pregnancy-related accommodation can follow the steps in this Accommodations Procedure. We invite you to contact the DSS office for any questions.