Clark College Alumni Membership


Anyone who has completed a course at Clark College is eligible for the Penguin Nation Passport, which grants alumni access to the Thompson Fitness Center during  open hours. Visit the Clark College Foundation for more information about Penguin Nation Passport and how to take advantage of alumni benefits. Please help us to maintain a safe and secure environment by following all fitness center policies. A Clark College ID number is required for entry. If you do not remember your ID number, you will be assigned a 4-digit pin.


Quarterly Membership - $20 (valid 1st day of the quarter through 1st day of subsequent quarter)

Annual Membership - $60 (valid for 365 days after date of purchase)

All membership fees can be paid at the cashiers office is Gaiser Hall.  Photo ID and proof of alumni membership will be required.  

ID Cards and Security

Your Clark ID card is used to authenticate your identity and can be scanned for entry into the Thompson Fitness Center. Please help us provide a safe and secure environment. 

Locker Registration

O'Connell Sports Complex has both a women's and men's locker room.  TFC members may register a locker at no cost, but will be required to provide their own lock.

Please note: Locker rooms in general are a high theft area.  DO NOT store valuable items in the lockers.  The fitness center has locking cubbies available that provide additional security.


The safety of all members of the Thompson Fitness Center is our number one priority.  All policies are in place to promote a safe and clean exercise environment.  Please abide by these rules and follow proper gym etiquette.  

Members are responsible for their own health and safety and are cautioned to participate according to the limits determined by their physician and their knowledge of their own health status.  

Failure to adhere to these guidelines will result in loss a loss of facility privileges.  Clark College reserves the right to put into effect any new guidelines that protect the health, safety, and integrity of the participants using the facility.  The Thompson Fitness Center adheres to the guidelines, policy's and procedures as outlined by the student handbook and college operations manual.