Special Lecture: Dr. Hiroshi Komiyama

Dr Hiroshi Komiyama Lecture 

On Wednesday, October 28, 2015, Dr. Hiroshi Komiyama gave a special lecture at Clark College entitled "Beyond the Limits to Growth: New Ideas for Sustainability from Japan."

Dr. Komiyama is an internationally respected expert on sustainability who has helped shape environmental policy in Japan. His presentation explores Japan as a “problem-saddled developed country." Japan currently faces a series of grave issues: lack of natural resources, damage from environmental pollution, low birthrate, aging population, overcrowding of the cities, and a low food self-sufficiency rate. However, in the near future, the rest of the world will be confronted with the same problems that Japan now faces. In this sense Japan is taking on the world’s problems ahead of the others. In other words, Japan is not merely an advanced nation saddled with problems, but a nation saddled with problems in advance.

Dr. Komiyama's full presentation and slides are available below.


Slides (PowerPoint Presentation)

More About Dr. Hiroshi Komiyama

Dr. Komiyama is a prominent academic, scientist, engineer, and leading authority in global sustainability. His major fields of research include environmental engineering, advanced materials science, and knowledge sharing. He is also an advisor to the Japanese Government on subjects ranging from education to aging. In 2010 he founded the 'Platinum Society Network' to achieve a sustainable society that solves environmental, aging, educational and economic issues. He leads Japan and the world with his strong influence, extraordinary leadership and enthusiasm to achieve global sustainability.