Bobbi Bindreiff, 2010 Woman of Achievement

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Bobbi Bindreiff, 2010 Woman of Achievement


2010 Woman of Achievement Bobbi Bindreiff

One of Bobbi Bindreiff’s nominators wrote:  “A random act of kindness is defined as: an action taken on behalf of another with no expectation of reward. Bobbi epitomizes this definition with one exception -- her acts are not random.”

Bobbi and her sister Billie were raised in Idaho. Her parents instilled in them the belief that they could do anything. So, after graduating from college, Bobbi says she was “shocked to learn that women were not considered equals” and were unlikely to be hired for an executive position in the community in which she lived. She wanted a more diverse environment in which to raise her children.

In 1986, Bobbi and her family moved to Vancouver, where she established herself professionally as a certified public accountant (CPA) and quickly got involved in the community. “I think it is important to be involved, because I don’t think that we can go through life complaining about the status quo and doing nothing to help change it,” says Bobbi.

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Today, Bobbi has her own practice and is a licensed CPA in both Washington and Oregon. She is an active member of the Estate Planning Council of Southwest Washington, the Washington Society of CPAs and the American Institute of CPAs. In addition, she has exhibited a passion for community and social justice work, sharing her professional expertise in support of numerous regional nonprofit organizations.

Her friends say Bobbi has a daily impact through major and lasting initiatives. “Where you see a meaningful and active program that supports women, children or low-income [individuals and families], it is Bobbi who has a current or past connection,” wrote one of her nominators.

She presently serves as the treasurer for Community Services Northwest, a nonprofit organization which operates the Wellness Project, providing mental health services for economically disadvantaged, uninsured, and underinsured individuals in Clark County.

A YWCA Clark County board member and board president for six years, Bobbi brought important financial expertise as the board assumed responsibility for managing the YWCA’s endowment.  She was instrumental in developing financial and fundraising plans which led to the establishment of the YWCA facility on Main Street in Vancouver. 

Bobbi is a past president of Women in Action, an organization which encouraged women to become more involved in the community and to seek political office.  She is a past board member of Affordable Community Environments (ACE), which provides safe, affordable, quality housing for low-income families, the elderly, persons with disabilities and individuals with AIDS. 

 “Words alone cannot convey the depth of her passion and the breadth of the talent that she brings to this community,” a nominator wrote. “She is one of those rare citizens that change a city into a community with her ‘purposeful acts of kindness.’”

When asked to cite her most significant accomplishment, she points proudly to her three children:  Luke, 33, a pilot; Dustin, 31, a behavioral specialist; and Whitney, 29, an attorney.   

In looking back at more than 30 years of community involvement, Bobbi says, “The common factor is that the organizations had some focus on equal rights, empowering women or human dignity. My experience has been that if you get involved with something that you feel passionate about, then it gets much easier to make time for the commitment. The time spent has its own rewards.”

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